bottom 3 miles

With the release of next season’s NHL schedule, fans immediately jumped to see when big rivalry games were happening or if they could plan a trip around a road game, but Dirk Hoag at Hockey Gear HQ started mapping. He charted which teams will be traveling the most and least this year (top and bottom three are up top there), and the league is bookended by the Coyotes’ league-leading 49,818 travel miles and the Flyers’ league-least 31,272. Playing geographically closer to other professional teams in the Northeast is a benefit here, and the Flyers’ 3,657 fewer miles from last season could just about take you from Philadelphia to Madrid.

It’s not uncommon for Philly (and really most eastern) teams to have more lax travel schedules. The Phillies’ numbers seem middle of the pack due to Interleague play, while the Sixers spent last season as the least-travelled team in the NBA. On the other side of it, the Eagles just barely missed the NFL’s top-travel teams for this upcoming season.

h/t Yahoo Sports