The Padres’ Tarp Sliding is The Most Fun Anyone Not Named Josh Beckett Has Had at Citizens Bank Park This Year

tarp slide

The joy on the Padres players’ faces as they’re sliding across the rain-covered tarp? That’s the joy rarely seen in the stands this season. We all used to feel that way at CBP. Full video is after the jump.



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  1. This picture of a Padre sliding on tarps at CBP is my family photo. You didn’t have permission to re-post it.

    Has Ruben Amaro denied that he’s the one in the video?

  2. This makes me smile. When I get home I am going to give my Mom the biggest hi-five. . .

  3. Well comparing rainfall totals between SD and Phila, this is no shocker. avg 10″ to 40″ avg is a decent difference. What are these guys 12?

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