The Phillies are Playing Tonight and No One is There


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  1. My 8-year-old put the game on and immediately said “there is absolutely nobody at the Phillies game.” Are you still hiring writers?

  2. Yep, Im here and its the worst its been all season. Shitty night for a game. But jimmy is 2 hits away from tying Schmitty.

      1. Why do you want to trade him? So you can watch what after that? I don’t want him or Lee or Utley traded until the guy doing the evaluating of the prospects we get in return is no longer Ruben Amaro.

          1. People who don’t spend all their time insulting Kyle or a local news weather girl?

            People who make actual sports-related comments?

            People who neither the time or inclination to come up with unfunny/unoriginal pseudonyms?

  3. It wasn’t too long ago that peeps were saying this turned into a baseball town. Somewhere zzz Jeffrey Lurie is lol while his undercarriage gets a how’s your father from a smoking hot Asian broad.

  4. The Rays and Marlins wish they had that many people attend their games and I am dead serious.

  5. Kyle, less is sometimes more. Posting a “story” every 20 minutes is annoying. The good stories get buried to quick, like puke kid dying

    1. dude – he went to villanova, he doesn’t know anything about this

    2. It would help if he had a sidebar on the left with links to 10 or so of his most recent stories.

  6. I’m not leaving until Rube is fired. Why would anyone pay money and spend 3+ hours to watch this team? Waste of time. Still a fan but protesting until changes are made. I wouldn’t be so bitter if this was a bunch of developing kids that weren’t winning but vets passed their prime? I’ll pass on that.

    1. I’d rather watch these vets that I’ve grown up with and watched win a World Series instead of watching the crappy ‘prospects’ Ruben has stocked the minor league teams with or the ‘prospects’ he is incapable in evaluating that we would get in return in a trade. Ruben has to go first or the Phils will be doomed to mediocrity for an even longer time. If Hamels goes before Ruben, then I’m gone too.

  7. It certainly is sparse here, but way to post a pic of the stadium during pre-game … when no one is even sitting yet.

    1. Was thinking same thing. Ya don’t need to falsely embellish the shittiness bro, we all live here.

  8. I’ve got a book idea for Mr. Schatz. “Rube & Monty in The Mystery of the Missing Fans.”

  9. way off topic here but wtf is josh iness doing on the radio? does anyone think this douch is funny? “here is the bit”-like he is howard stern-i can’t tell the”bit” from his other not funny nonsense -i am embarrassed for philly radio/ nit wit gcobb was better

      1. in the 20+ years that i have been actively listening to local sports radio, i have never heard such a piss poor collective group of hosts. between the 2 stations, there is not one current host that makes me want to tune in to listen to them. i actually liked rob ellis when he was in the 6-10 slot. however, once he was switched to afternoons, its apparent that he has become infected by the cum of the the cuz and now he is just like him.

      1. i’m sure that 1 girl angelo is all over saying she looks like kate upton is horrible looking

  10. It’s obvious that over posting is also burying the comments. Commenters can’t keep up or even unite for that matter because they don’t know where to post. Have people moved on to only recent post comments or going back to previous posts?

    Pukemon and K@$13gate live on!!

  11. This kind of low attendance leads to young kids banging in the seats. Mark my words, it will happen by the end of the season that some couple gets caught fucking in the top rung of the Bank.

  12. Greedy assed poor managed Phillies. They were all the rage amongst so called phans who went because it was “The thing to do”. No those so called Phans are all gone and guys like me won’t step foot inside after being alienated as a smoker and ripped off as a beer drinker. Phuck you Phillies management! Can’t believe you didn’t see this coming…

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