The Sixers Have Apparently Offered 3, 10, 32, Sum-41 and B-52 to the Cavs

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I refuse to believe this. Not that Dei reported it. But I refuse to believe that Sam Hinkie would trade his top three draft picks to move up two spots. That, or he’s so in love with Wiggins that he will do anything… for that love. But I wouldn’t do that, Sam. No, I wouldn’t do that.


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  1. Is Wiggins the next Kevin Durant? Then OK, do whatever you need to do.

    Has anyone suggested that he will be *that* good? If so, I haven’t heard it.

    Man, I hope they know what they’re doing.

  2. The fact that they’re only moving up two spots has nothing to do with it. They obviously feel Wiggins’ value is much higher than any of the alternatives.
    If they truly believe he’s the next Kevin Durrant, then they need to do whatever it takes to get up there and get him.

    1. agreed Make the Deal. Evan Turner was a 2 pick, so was Keith Van Horn. If you like a guy, go fucking get him. What does the 10th pick do for you if it’s just another Thad Young? Chances are the only impact players in this league are always picked 1-5, MCW isn’t rookie of the year if the draft class wasn’t so shitty.

      3 players picked in the top 32 last year haven’t touched an NBA court yet. Sixers traded away the 35th pick last year and he doesn’t even drop 3 points a game ON THE WIZARDS.

  3. I’m in let’s do it. I don’t care about those other picks. F it.

    Just saw Adrian Wojnarowhogivesafuckski of Yahoo say that Sixers are no longer pursuing #1 pick. Hopefully just part of strategy now and come back with something else. Shit

  4. Do it. With Embiid damaged goods – maybe permanently – there is only one sure thing in this draft. Do everything you can do to grab it. When will you ever be this close to the top again?

  5. Told you they “F” this up. An African native with short term BBall experience. Can anyone say Haseem Shabeet? More damaged goods

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