The Sixers Have Joel Embiid’s Medical Records and a Doctor Says He’d Avoid Him

Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We’re just about a day, a World Cup game, and some dinner away from the 2014 NBA Draft, and it seems like nothing is for certain. The Cavs are reportedly still taking legitimate offers for their top pick, but they also have this stylish hat for that dude to wear. And you can’t just GET RID OF THE HAT.

But the focus (for the Sixers at least) seems to be on Dante Exum, Andrew Wiggins, and Joel Embiid. It’s unlikely Wiggins would land here without Hinkie having to go get him, so it then comes down to Dante Exum (who the Sixers are reportedly high on) and Joel Embiid (whose high ceiling and talent level may be too much to pass on). The Sixers are even now in possession of Joel Embiid’s medical records, showing that they’re seriously considering grabbing him.

But one doctor doesn’t think they should. Doctor George Stollsteimer from the Trenton Orthapedic group, who “specializes in sports medicine,” told WIP’s Morning Show that Embiid throws up “major red flags.” Stollsteimer said, “Immediately, what I start thinking of is [Greg] Oden, Yao Ming–I know there’s comparisons, I think [Michael] Jordan had a similar injury when he was early in his career, but it’s a different animal [with guards].” The good Doctor also said he wouldn’t take Embiid until around pick 14 or 15, but that’s anything but a sure thing because doctors don’t make draft picks.


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    1. And what’s best for business is passing on the new version of Gred Oden,and that is none other than Joel Embiid himself.

  1. No link to the doctor’s mock draft? We could use it to fill out the rest of our spreadsheet.

  2. I get really annoyed when doctors call into wip & 97.5.
    Females too

  3. This isn’t how smokescreen works. You’re supposed to make it look almost guaranteed you’re taking Embiid if you want to move up to the first pick. Making it guaranteed you want Exum will just make someone trade up one or two spots to get him.

    Who do you want: Wiggins or more picks?

  4. On a different note, that hat Dan Gilbert will forcibly make the #1 pick wear is hideous! Why would a Cavs hat be Knicks colors with the brim that resembles nick nolte’s brown shitty asshole and taint skin. Who did Dan Gilbert have to let cum inside him to get the #1 overall pick any way?

  5. How many of you always believe your doctor? They all fucking blow! They use the process of elimination after sending you to $10K worth of tests.

  6. …anybody care if I make the pick in the draft…..I gotta tip…

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