There’s a Petition to Fire Ruben

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Reader Tom sends along his petition to fire Ruben. I signed it, and so should you.

I’m not a big fan of these completely useless petitions, but at the very least, they draw attention to a matter of public interest. In this case, the interest is the Phillies are their stinking. Ruben Amaro is the common denominator for all their struggles. He should be fired.

Just as another example of his ineptitude: The two core players he traded away in an effort to retool, Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino, went on to help lead their respective teams to World Series championships in the span of 15 months. The players the Phillies got in return? Nate Schierholtz (now a Cub), Tommy Joseph (AA), Seth Rosin (now a Dodger returned to AAA), Josh Lindblom (now an A) and Ethan Martin (made his 2014 debut last night for the Phils, had an ERA over 6 in 40 innings last season).

Sign the petition. Do we think this needs a t-shirt?

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54 Responses

  1. It needs a shirt. How many Oshie shirts do you have? That was a brilliant idea. People gave a shit about Oshie’s performance for all of 17 hours.

      1. Holy shit, you came off your high h0aaaarse to read the comments. Things are changing around here. Why don’t you put Kay(ee’s big fake tits on a shirt and see how rich you get?

      2. I’m wanna make bank, bro. I’m wanna get ass. I wanna drive a range rover.

        Well you better Brennan it’s the fucking Catalina wine mixer.

      3. Not to steal someone else’s handle, but I’m totally Calling Bullshit.
        People didn’t give a shit about Oshie within 48 hrs of that OT game, fastest flash in the pan ever. No way, in hell, you made a dime.

  2. 2008 WS Champs!
    Rube’s Legacy:
    2009 Lost WS
    2010 Lost NLCS
    2011 Lost 1st Round
    2012 Missed Playoffs
    2013 Finished Under .500
    2014 Last Place

    1. But now there’s nowhere to go but up! All we need is for our way below average outfielders and bench players to rally around our aging, injury ridden “core” players. If that happens along with our pitching stabilizing we can’t lose!

      Also, I was praying last night for some of those Christopher Lloyd angels from that movie Angels in the Outfield….I think that would really help. If those angels come through we’ll be unstoppable guys. Just trust me, we’ve got this all figured out.

      1. There’s one more step before no where to go but up. Worst in all of baseball. If we could just knock that out this year, then we’re golden after that. 2020 World Series Champs! haha

    1. Guy calls both stations 20 times a week despite both having 1 call per week policies, but I noticed he’ll change his location to nearby locale or general area. Are the screeners that stupid or they actually enjoy his screaming, senile, race baiting, nonsensical points?

      1. Agreed.

        Arthur correct,Angry Al & Jose from Norristown were previously banned for calling both stations,yet they give Jeff from Camden,& Levi from Overbrook a pass,as both of these above mentioned degenerates,religiously call both stations.

  3. Make a T-Shirt for it and I will buy it . Such a joke that they ran Charlie out of town when he was begging for more hitters. Looks like the managerial change is working wonders for us…

    1. I can’t be less of a fan of Ryne Sandbergs managerial style. Since spring training. Don’t like it one bit.

  4. Pence sucks so I’m not surprised we didn’t get anything back from him…problem with that was trading for him in the first place. Gave up 3 pieces to get him.

    1. Wait the guy who batted .324 with an OBP of .394, .954 OPS, and 11 HR and 35 RBI in 54 games for the 2011 Phillies sucked?

      Well shit me sideways you got high standards.

      His 2011 appearance was WORLDS better than what Chase Utley has done this year in 52 games. (.318/.376, 4HR, 27RBI)

      1. He’s is a career .285 hitter. I’m not getting caught up in that sample size. If you want to talk small sample size mention the following first half of the year where he hit .271 with a .780 OPS. I also said sucks…not sucked, which might be harsh. Fact is though, he wasn’t worth 2 Top 50 prospects. Trade was a disaster

        1. Throwing out career .285 batting average makes Hunter Pence look great. Ryan Howard a career .269 hitter, Chase Utley career .288, Jimmy Rollins career .268, Scott Rolen career .281, Mike Schmitt career .267.

          can’t argue he’s overpaid but we let him go when we were on the hook for $13 million in that arbitration deal when he was let go (Papelbum makes that much). Also Mike Adams has made $9.9 million between last year and this year.

          Trade looks a lot different if that 2011 postseason wasn’t brutal. not that Pence helped, but I wouldn’t blame him for losing (2nd on the team in RBI during that Cardinals series). Still would love to have this instead of what we got in return for Pence,


          1. I agree with you there…lineup looks much better then what we throw out there. I think my frustration with that move has more to do with what we gave up. Seeing guys like Cosart and Singleton come up and contribute sucks. Meanwhile, we trade away Pence to SF for a much worse package of players. Granted, he was only under control for the remainder of the season with a arb year the following, but still. You’d think the return from SF or any other contender could have been better.

          2. I can’t say I have any problem with the first trade…pretty fair deal when adding an all star to a World Series caliber team. Obviously we all knew the team was on it’s last legs and had to win that year (my god look at that team compared to today). Didn’t happen, atleast they tried talent-wise.

            Getting rid of him was the damn joke. I was relatively okay with it at the time because I assumed getting rid of a guy you have under control for relatively cheap (even in arb) meant we were fully swinging into rebuilding mode…fuck me right?

        2. A .285 career hitter = “sucks”. Um, ok.

          He’s also sporting a career .340 OBP ! What a piece of shit!

    2. In the last 2 seasons he hasn’t missed a single game, batting .286 with a .346 on base, 35 HR, 121RBI (221 games).

      But no, Phillies don’t need a right handed bat like that.


    3. oh yea, the 3 guys that haven’t amounted to shit? those three guys? for the guy that was a great team player and helped us win a bunch of games, then got traded to a team he led to a championship?

      you’re completely right.

  5. accept the reality that RAJ goes nowhere until at least season’s end. however, what concerns me most is that he will still be in charge when the inevitable fire sale takes place in mid-late july. yes people, the beloved must go including utley, lee, chooch, etc. as the phils must get what they can for such players. still, back to my original point, i have zero trust in that RAJ will properly manage the said fire sale thus burying this team for another decade.

    1. I know he is going to blow the fire sale, I’ll just be happy he doesn’t pay 7 figures on volcano insurance or something.

    1. i’ve blocked the sender a million times. Sign up for something you believe in and they’ll email you daily “SUPPORT THIS SHIT MF” to the point of pissing you off when you get a “Support Something” email.

  6. I started one of these about 2.5 months ago, posted it in your comments and you deleted it but NOW you have a post dedicated to it? haha unreal

  7. Some good comments here. petitions really don’t get anything accomplished, and the Phillies aren’t going to give a shit about it.

    Amaro has seemed delusional every time he has opened his mouth lately. IF the “core” stays healthy…IF the bullpen comes around….IF the starting pitching performs…..IF, IF, IF…

    The outfield sucks in the field at at the plate.
    Rollins is going to loose interest after he breaks the individual records…he might even waive the NT clause to go to a team that has a shot.
    No team is taking Howard with the absurd contract.

    But, in following in the long tradition of the Flyers that they seem to emulate from time to time. Sandberg or Bowa will be fired before Amaro is.

    1. Do you know how many local white school teachers, secretaries, stay at home moms, cheerleaders, sorority sisters, stewardesses, waitresses, librarians, and Fox Weather girls I doggy-styled while I was reigning supreme in LF?

      No doubt he sucks at baseball, but don’t underplay the mans white woman fetish.

  8. Nitpicking, but the Flyin’ Hawaiian was traded to the Dodgers. He then left as a FA to sign with the Sox.

  9. There are two areas the Phillies ignore that definitely needs attention.
    Sabermetrics, as was mentioned, isn’t just for geeks anymore. Anyone know who the best team in the league is right now with one of the lowest payrolls? That god of a GM, Billy Beane and the A’s, who have a lineup of players that no one has ever heard of, but all they do is win. And he doesn’t give a fuck who you are or what you did, if you aren’t producing for him, you’re gone.
    Also, scouting attention needs to be paid to Cuba, the D.R., Puerto Rico, areas where a lot of young guys are coming out of and making contributions at the major league level. Do the Phillies even scout these areas? This mess didn’t happen overnight and it won’t fix itself overnight either.

    P.S. Haven’t heard from Jorts for a while and I’d love to hear his input on this.
    Jorts knows his Phillies.

    1. And you know who is leading the A’s in batting average, home runs (15) and RBI’s (48)?….Brandon Moss. Who is he, oh that’s right, he’s a guy who the Phillies stashed in Lehigh a couple years ago because apparently he wasn’t good enough to be on their major league team. Jason Grilli ring a bell? This whole organization sucks out load.

    2. What a surprise: Junkhead references one of his butt-buddy club members, this time Jorts.

      Get a room, faggots!

  10. The obvious dude says why isn’t there a petition to rid 97.5 of Sean Brace?


  11. I would sign this, but I am fairly sure that the Phillies owners are not aware of the Internet. They know all about sipping cognac and holding secret meetings in a crypt stocked with the skeleton of Julius Caesar.

    Face it – even if the “rebuild” starts today, this team will not be good again for a long, long, long time. I have no faith in the decision-makers to get a decent return on any trade and to get the minor league system on par.

    The Phillies will be the Padres East.

  12. There’s more outright hatred and venom for RAJ then there was even for Ed Wade in ’05, which is truly bad. Ed Wade took over slop, built them a to semi-relevant 86-88 win team with $100 million LESS than RAJ gets to work with, and people hated his fucking guts. Obviously he didn’t have the savvy to get over the top but one would wonder if he’d drive probably the 1st or 2nd greatest Phillies team straight into the shitter.

    1. The fact that the Astros have more upside right now than the Phillies makes me want to go Gregor Clegane on RAJ’s eye holes.

  13. As long as Dave Montgomery is still around, chances are excellent Ruben won’t be going anywhere. The Phils could lose 50 in a row while the Bank turns into a ghost town, and Monty would still be reluctant to dump his loyal lackey. As that old saying goes, the fish rots from the head, and things won’t change until the whole goddamn organization is nuked, starting at the top and going all the way down to the bat boys and ball girls.

  14. what about a “Fire Ed Snider” petition? mr. snider has done more damage in 40 years than raj has done in 5.

  15. Wow, he was given an Mercedes and he crashed it. Was he drunk at the time of the accident? Get rid of him for Phillies downfall. It’s not Charles fault for Phillies not doing well and that lead to his firing. Bring him back and make him a GM or Manager.

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