This Couple Had Sex in Front of Roughly 2,000 People at the Piazza During USA-Portugal Yesterday

Voila_Capture 2014-06-23_02-54-13_PM
via Reddit

This is more scoring than you’ll typically see during a soccer game. It’s also 100% more acceptable than the Sea Isle City ocean couple a few weeks back. First off, I’m guessing being naked in your own apartment is completely legal regardless of the size of the windows, yes? Second, this was an adult drinking event to watch the World Cup at the Piazza.* If anything, the sex added to the experience. And third, if we’re being honest, this is about as much clothes as I usually have on while watching Ronaldo play.

Anyway, do you know this couple? Did you see them? Have video? Do send.

*Do you think the Piazza has seen more sexual relations per square foot than any other building cluster in the city? If you haven’t done it there, you’ve certainly either seen people getting down or been in a room next to people getting down. A rogue ass is actually pretty tame for a weekend drinking event.

Turns out the whole discussion on Reddit is about the legality of this sort of thing.

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  1. I live in the Pizza and I am so horned up right now. Def knocking on their door tonight.
    I don’t think it is gay if you have a threesome with another guy and you don’t touch or look at him. You are still getting yours from the chick whether it is mouth, bhole, vhole. That should be a section on CB…is it gay?

    1. Why don’t you come inside and help me sort me holy cards. wink wink

  2. “Have video?”

    Let’s all take a second to acknowledge that he’s soliciting for amateur porn.

  3. What do you want the video for so you can see his man ass in action, anyway that’s prob you getting jim

    1. Aaron Murray is in town. Unsubstantiated reports that’s his white man’s backside ‘behind center’ in that picture. If you look closely, you can make out a female are from underneath taking a selfie of herself. The math computes. I’m just sayin’

  4. I use quotations marks the wrong way when i correct spelling

    I love balls

  5. Kyle I’m so glad your back, I missed you so much and everybody was being mean and big dummies on the comment section.

    Please Kyle stop them

  6. Ugh Kyle, of course you would like Ronaldo. He’s a diving, whiny bitch who doesn’t have any interest in even attempting to play defense and is constantly showing up his teammates. Also he was non-existent for the entire game until the last minute. Yeah he helped get his team the draw, but they really needed a win and where was he against Germany? Or really almost every other World Cup game he has played in?

    Most real sports fans who aren’t wannabe hipsters look at Ronaldo and see him as a bitch. Yeah he’s a good player, but he’s like the Sidney Crosby of soccer. Congrats on rooting for that.

    1. Obviously Kyle knows nothing about soccer, but if he did he’d know that Clint Dempsey has more World Cup goals than Christiano Ronaldo.

      1. And if Steve did he’d know that Ronaldo just led his team to the Champions League Title, likely the most coveted trophy in soccer besides the World Cup.

  7. $1500 a month to show your ass to the people down below.

    1. $1,500 a month expensive? Either you are dead broke or have never left South Philly.

  8. Hey since Rhea chose the dogs over me, I had to do somebody. And this woman didn’t smell like cigarette smoke and didn’t have big chompers.

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