Tim McGraw Tells Bummer Story About First Time He Saw Tug, HuffPo Spells Phillies Wrong

And yes, the whole story is basically told in this super tight closeup
And yes, the whole story is basically told in this super tight closeup

There’s a show on one of those networks Oprah owns called “Oprah’s Master Class,” where — judging by our very brief contact with it — famous people tell depressing stories about their past. The next episode will feature Tim McGraw, famous person and son of Tug, talking about how he found out Tug McGraw was his dad. As it turns out, he just stumbled upon his birth certificate in a box somewhere when he was a kid, and that’s basically it. Young Timmy was obviously very excited about his dad being a pro baseball player, so here’s what Huffington Post, and their ridiculous spelling/factual mistake says happened from there:

“Tug pitched for the Philadelphia Philly’s, and Tim knew their schedule inside and out. ‘The next year, I begged my mom to take me back to see the Philly’s play Houston,’ he says. ‘She borrowed a car, and we drove to Houston and he was playing at the Astrodome. And he had left tickets for us, because she had gotten in contact with his lawyer, I think. His lawyer had said he’ll leave tickets for you.’

While watching Tug warm up, Tim says he tried to get his father’s attention. ‘He always did this thing where a player would hit balls with a fungo bat, and hit it up in the air and he would catch them behind his back,’ he says. ‘So he was doing that, and I started yelling at him.’

‘And then he wouldn’t look at me,’ Tim says. ‘So I spent 30 minutes trying to get his attention and he wouldn’t look at me. And so I went and sat back down, and I never saw him again until I was 18.'”

Once Tim was a young adult, he and Tug began to have a relationship, but that story above is a heart breaker. Not as bad as “Philadelphia Philly’s” though, that’s unforgivable.


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  1. So a glorified celebrity athlete was, in reality, a piece of shit? Say it ain’t so, Weezer.

  2. You gotta believe……..that you can’t hear your bastard son crying for you in the stands

  3. I rem back in 04 screaming at pat the bat nonstop throughout the game & he finally acknowledged me when I brought up him banging whores in the Irish pub bathroom

  4. I hate that shit. I’ll all be in left field and all I hear is kids saying “Daddy! Daddy look at me! Daddy I’m your baby with Shawanda!”. Ain’t got no time for that shit, damn. Gotta check that Tinder after each game to see what’s up, you feel me?

  5. yea…there’s a whole long middle piece missing where our beloved tugger denied for over a decade that tim was his kid. how he refused to take a paternity test until he was legally forced to. yeah you gotta believe tugger was a fucking cunt.

  6. Well, that just reaffirmed my beliefs in the human race. Please excuse me while i go beat my puppy with a kitten.

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        1. The comment that was sent to purgatory contained none of these. Whatever.

  8. Tug and Tim did their bonding drinking Jack,snorting lines, and banging coke
    whores they snagged at JC Dobbs partying to Thorogood and the Destroyers.

  9. Cool story, never knew he didn’t have a relationship with his father until age 18. U learn something new every day!

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