USA Loses, Advances Anyway

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10 Responses

      1. Might have to do with the fact that every 5-10 mins there is another player laying on the ground crying and grabbing at something.

        The only legitimate injuries this entire tournament have been a concussion, broken arm and broken nose. The last one being something that many other athletes played through and didn’t stop play.

        The amount of diving is pathetic.

        Also the fact that of the 22 people on the field, 90% of the game only 3-6 players are actively running and playing the ball, the rest are just jogging for positioning. It is a game where we watch guys just jog around the field for 90mins.

        Horribly unexciting for the majority of the game.

        The only reason that anyone is paying attention is because they want to see the US do something monumental.

  1. What did the USA lose? Who gave us an advance? With our National defecit in the shape it’s in I’m shocked we could get any advance higher than sixty cents.

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