We May Be Nearing the End of the Dom Brown Era


And with that misjudged liner, the Marlins took a 3-0 lead and went on to win 3-2.

Besides being borderline incapable in the outfield, Brown is batting .217 with a .271 on-base percentage and only five home runs. At some point, you have to wonder if he’s, you know, good. Besides that one extraordinary month last season, he’s oscillated between pedestrian and terrible in his janky Major League career.

After the game, A.J. Burnett, who pitched well enough to win and who continues to be the exact opposite of the type of player and person I thought he was before he came here, put the blame on himself:

“I felt like I should have picked him up the next at-bat,” the righty said. “That’s what we do. You pick each other up. The pitch is a little bit lower to Salty, then you pick him up. [Brown] plays hard. He comes in every day and prepares and he goes about his business. It ain’t like he’s trying to miss balls out there.”

A.J. Burnett, I respect you.

Meanwhile, the Phillies signed Grady Sizemore to a minor league deal because he’s a guy Ruben Amaro has heard of. Sizemore would likely be a capable replacement for Brown and had slightly better numbers than Brown before being cut by the Red Sox.

Voila_Capture 2014-06-26_08-44-22_AM Voila_Capture 2014-06-26_08-44-31_AM

The Phillies’ broadcast has reached its P.T. Barnum level and is doing anything it can to get people to watch. From a CSN press release:

The Phillies broadcasting team of Tom McCarthy, Matt Stairs and Jamie Moyer will call the game from a special centerfield location for this Friday’s game against the Atlanta Braves. This special broadcast booth location provides the broadcasters a unique view of the game, the players and the ballpark. This is the first time the broadcast has moved out of the position behind home plate for a full game in the 10 years at Citizens Bank Park. Friday’s 7 p.m. Phillies vs. the Atlanta Braves game airs on Comcast SportsNet.

“This centerfield broadcast location will provide a unique viewpoint for Tom, Matt and Jamie, TV viewers and fans alike,” said Comcast SportsNet’s Phillies producer Jeff Halikman. “We are always trying to find new and interesting ways to present games to our viewers and this location is completely opposite from where Tom, Matt and Jamie normally sit, which will offer a different vantage point for everyone.”

Yes, because what we need for a better broadcast is making Tom McCarthy’s job more difficult.

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44 Responses

    1. I am the real FACE and I retired the handle because of douche canoes such as yourselves who enjoyed stealing it. Have fun children.


      1. Douche Canoes is right up there with shitwhistle in the CB dictionary.

        And, you asshole fag no brain handle stealers suck.

      2. No, I’m the real FACE! Shoot him, you know me, you know I’m the real FACE, hunny, shoot him! You have to believe me!


    1. Dom Brown is only 22 and has a family. Please delete this post Kyle.

  1. Can’t wait to hear what TMac, Stairs and Moyer have to say about sitting in the outfield! I bet they make it really interesting! I hope Tmac gets testicular rabies!

  2. Dom Brown would stick his dick into any hole. Guy is a sexual predator who sucks at badeball

  3. Should’ve dealt him in July 1st last year after that monster June. Will he get DFA’d at this point? No one will give us anything for him.

    1. Real insightful. What are your thoughts on the Ryne Sandberg trade while you’re at it genius? You think we pulled the trigger to early on that one?

      1. I’d venture to say that Dom Browns value July 1st of last year was a lot higher then Sandbergs when we sent him packing for that fuck up Ivan Dejesus. We all knew what Dom Brown was from the beginning and we should’ve capitalized on his value while it was insane. Sell high. Not too hard of a concept to grasp, especially when we know the guy is playing way over his head. Now we’re stuck with him. I think Rube just fell in love with the notion that Dom would turn into this superstar caliber player and they had him on the cheap for the foreseeable future. Should’ve punted and got as many prospects as they could.

  4. So Friday is “Smuggle Bags Of Dog Shit Into The Outfield” night?

  5. So, how will this centerfield bullshit be a different view for the fans? We have the center field camera AT ALL TIMES. Are we going to just get a shot of T-Mac, Stairs and Moyer calling the game?
    What is this witchcraft?

  6. Mr Montgomery hope you are enjoying the great job your front office is doing with terrible evaluations, moving players out of position and generally having the worst timing on tradinig in the league. This is your Phillies!!

    1. Ruben has my complete confidence! I’m old! What is analytics? My grandchildren told me to watch the Brad Pitt movie about it but it had too many gay vampires in it! But I liked Top Gun!

  7. Dom Brown is a fucking joke. For years we were told that he’s a superstar in the making. He can’t hit, can’t field and can’t throw. He looks like fucking Lupus out there. FUCK HIM. Release him now. ZERO trade value. Thanks again Rube you asshole.

  8. I’m the real Calling Bullshit. You can tell because I still use the word douche like it still offends people. Fucking douchey mcdouche douche.

  9. Come to me Kyle…….buy drinks for everyone, spend your money, drink and drive……..

  10. I guess Dom is taking some of the pressure off me, at least until the third preseason game when I remind everyone of how much I suck. (This is year five for me. By all accounts, my NFL career should be over by now, so I’m playing with house money.)

  11. Well it was fun while it lasted….. For a Whole month last year!… I’ll be right back I’m gonna show Amy Fadool my “hose”

  12. Well that was fun while it lasted… A whole month last year. I’ll be back I’m gonna go show Amy Fadool my “hose”

  13. Don’t worry everyone. The angels have put none other than that Raul Ibanez on the trading block and I’m about ready to jump at it. I’ll be willing to offer hamels, biddle, Nola and Crawford. Our savior may be here soon!

    Also, remember when Kyle used to refer to me as Big Poker.

  14. Yeah, like this town could ever get as lucky as that. Not Fucking happening.

  15. i hate him. i went out and bought a shirtsy of him when he first came up, now im gonna use to wipe my ass.

  16. Dom Brown plays RF like he gets blunted in between every inning. I may be able to read and track down a ball better than he can.

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