Win 2 Tickets to the Eagles’ Home Opener

As I’ve mentioned many times, Crossing Broad Tickets, which is built by our friends at TiqIQ, aggregates the best tickets – for all events – on the secondary market and makes them searchable by price and location. It’s a great one-stop shop for searching the best ticket deals. I’ve used it countless times, including for Flyers playoffs tickets and Eagles tickets this season. I highly recommend you check it out.

But, thanks to TiqIQ, we’re also giving away a pair of tickets to the Eagles’ home opener. Want them? Entering is easy. After the jump, just enter via Facebook or email. You can submit additional entires by completing varied social media sharing options– Pinterest, Tweets and liking the TiqIQ page. No strings. It’s easy to enter. That’s it. So, go enter.


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  1. They’ll make the post-season again because of their off-season moves and team building throughout the OTA’s and training camp.

  2. The Eagles will make the playoffs due to the play of Nick Foles and the amount of weapons he has around him on the offense. The defense will be a little better than last year and this will turn us into NFC East Champs.

  3. They’ll make the postseason again because Foles is going to throw 40 TDs this year.

  4. They will make the playoffs through defensive draft acquisitions and cutting horrible locker room man Jackson.

  5. The birds will make the playoffs this year because of buddys 4-6 defense.Hopefully Anthony toney and heath Sherman have big years look for randall to scramble for 5 tds and chris carter and greg garrity to will combine for 25 tds

  6. Is Tolly running this contest from the slammer? Heard he needs drug money.

  7. Try all you like, Kyle, but you’ll never be as good at self-promotion as…

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    1. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m too busy counting my alleged six-figure salary to bother reading the comments. Never mind that I reply to the second or third one on every other thread. But since I lie and lie and lie, what’s one more? I’m like a literate Barack Obama.

  8. The site looks good. Also, Lato is an excellent font choice.

    1. Fucking banner still takes over half the page on a normal screen, can barely see top 2 lines of a post’s headline and zero of the photo. Still quite bad.

  9. Rumor has it they’re gonna lower my SPD in the next Madden to account for my dragging it around.

    If I’m in the huddle and KCee is sucking it on the sideline, am I technically out of bounds? What if she’s sitting on Connor Barwin’s shoulders while he boards a SEPTA bus with a coffee in that commercial except you’re not supposed to have beverages on SEPTA so they can’t keep their shit straight?

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    1. I don’t know who runs 97.5 but I run Crossing Broad! Just say the word and I’ll tell Kyle to add “brace,” “wigger,” “backwards hat,” “manayunk,” or any other words you associate with him to his “narrow content filter,” just like he did for me with h0arse, teeth (then reconsidered), and my actual name. Because I just HATE being the topic of conversation, right? It’s as if he doesn’t understand chicks AT ALL.

      I think I’m going to keep commenting here until I can say my own name again, or discuss the animals participating in the upcoming race on Saturday.

      1. Mmmmm, pump the brakes. Have you come down to Pitchers Pub to see me DJ? After I’ll take you out to Delilah’s for a good time.

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  11. Good thing Calling BS and I, along with others, have toned it down as far as asking Kyle to be honest with us about the K-C deal.
    Judging by this thread, it seems to have really done the trick. Don’t see much about traffic girl at all anymore.

    1. HAHA that’s right! He showed you guys! You don’t see SHIT on here any more about Jillian Mele!

    2. You pompous ass! You continue to refer to yourself and Calling BS, as though you are an elite commenters alliance. You’re just a fucking jackass that likes to see himself in print.

      When you and Calling BS suck each others’ cocks, please do it offline, not here.

      1. Seriously, thank you. Those two think they’re the fucking kings of Crossing Broad commenters. Ignoring the fact that’s the same as being the tallest midget, they never have anything interesting to say and just lament what the site “has become.” If the site is so bad, why do these clowns continually post multiple comments per article Every. Single. Day?

        1. Calling BS, Junkhead, Delco Jorts, and Ms. CB are the reason I come here. I’ve already seen any “news” on other sites hours, sometimes days, before it’s posted here.

        2. Do you have a reading comprehension problem?
          A few of us were railed on for posting about traffic girl gate.
          I haven’t written shit about her recently, yet check out this thread. Looks like traffic girl posts are still going strong anyway.
          So fuck off, and go back to doing what you do best. Kissing Kyle’s ass and protecting him whenever you feel he’s threatened.

          1. The previous post was meant for “Everyone” or perhaps a better handle for you would be “FOK”, Friends of Kyle.
            And once again, kindly fuck off.
            This is a public blog and I have as much right to post here as you do. If you don’t like what I write, don’t read it. Really a simple concept.

          2. Hey mental midget,

            I don’t have any problem with anyone blasting Kyle, the traffic slut, Amaro, or anyone, I do it myself also.

            My point is, no other commenters constantly refers to other commenters by name except for you and Calling BS, who for some reason feel the need to refer to yourselves by name in the comments, such as “me and Calling BS said blah blah blah”.

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  12. Because of me, the only things to look forward to this summer are Eagles camp and the NBA draft. Sam Hinkie has done a better job in one season than I have over my entire career. I don’t even know how or when to rebuild. I’m the absolute worst.

  13. Thanks for the “dog toy,” Kyle, but, um, why does it smell like shit, blood, and a Wildwood T-shirt press?

  14. Hey there folks!

    If you don’t win these tickets, you should consider buying one of my great charitable ticket packages! For just $18,000 you can feed kids in Africa who are actually the children of wounded veterans or some shit!

    So hit me up and make these tickets yours!

  15. Kyle post something about that mm interview with Pete Rose ripping jimmy roll

  16. Wanted to post something snarky, but this is all I came up with.

  17. the eagles will make the postseason again because Nick Foles is awesome.

  18. The only reason the Filthadelphia Pigeons will make the playoffs is because the rest of the division stinks.

  19. Freddie Barnett and Calvin Williams will be awesome this year.

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