You Probably Won’t be Able to Boo Roger Goodell in Philadelphia at The Draft, Because The Draft Will Not be in Philadelphia


Booing Roger Goodell, in person, is a feeling of joy I think most of us can only hope to one day achieve. But it looks like in 2015, that joy will not be felt here at home. According to, “despite the efforts by city officials and the Philadelphia Sports Congress, the NFL appears to have crossed off the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ as a possible host for the 2015 draft.” The 2015 Draft, moving out of New York, will reportedly take place in either Chicago, Los Angeles or “a different venue in New York.” It’s gonna be the Barclays Center isn’t it?

The Kimmel Center was an option if the draft were to come here (but the capacity was way too small) and so was the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden (but they’ve got a lack of green room and other fancy facilities). It’s still possible it comes back around if other deals fall through, but it’s not likely. So, unless you want to make the trek to NYC or even Chicago, you’ll have to make that face above, if necessary, in your own living room next year. On the bright side you’ll be closer to the beers, if that reaction is in fact required.

via PhillyMag

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9 Responses

  1. i was at the draft this year in NYC. And even being there I never understood the point of booing Goodell. At all.

  2. Los Angeles hahahahahaha! Only the NFL could possibly hold the draft in a city they don’t even have a team in! While ignoring ine of the original cities in it’s league. #Goodellisajoke

  3. Both guys in Eagles spend a shitload of time playing XBOX. 49rs guy between them appears to be passed out.

  4. Yeah, Barclays Center, great idea when there’s a chance that hockey/basketball would be going on. It would have the same pitfalls as having it at the WFC

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