Your Monday Morning John Oliver Rant Takes On The Washington Redskins

What you may not know, is that the contract I signed when I took this job stipulates that if I do not write about John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight once a week, I don’t get paid. So here we go: Last night, on Oliver’s HBO program that many had been using as a comedown after Game of Thrones, John took on the misguided arrogance of Dan Snyder in his refusal to even consider renaming the Washington Redskins. It’s a great segment — Oliver is already tackling sports stories better than Jon Stewart ever did — even if it does take a little dig at Philadelphia. But guess what, John Oliver, your dig at Philadelphia barely got any laughs, so the joke is on you, John Oliver: Very funny, very successful, very famous John Oliver.

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10 Responses

  1. If you don’t like the name just don’t buy their merchandise or tickets to the game. It’s quite simple. Political correctness is a slippery slope when it’s mandated by one group. Who has more rights is what it comes down too, and it really should be equal rights. I say Native Americans come up with their own team. I suggest the “whitey murdered my ancestors” soccer team maybe?

  2. I think it is about time one of you started stealing and trolling this handle.

  3. John Oliver is a dirty liberal. It’s the name of a football team get the fuck over it. I hate the damn Redskins and I still don’t give a shit. Don’t we have bigger problems to worry about?

    1. A dirty liberal. Wow, what an insult. Yes, we do have bigger problems, Bill, and you’re one of them. Maybe if the Native Americans offered to buy the name from Snyder he would give it up?

  4. Why do people get so offended by words? They’re just words! Yeah, keeping the name makes them look bad but it’s not against the law. Grow a pair!

  5. Thanks for the weekly link to John Oliver on Youtube, I really look forward to this every Monday on Crossing Broad! Also, stuff an entire bag of dicks into your gaping goateed pie hole.

  6. Philly fan but I have to throw out a HTTR in support of them. The PC stuff has gone too far.

  7. John Oliver is a blatant copy of Stewart down to the mannerisms. Only difference is grautitious F bombs.

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