Your Monday Morning Roundup

Photo credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to hockey team destroyers Jeff Carter and Mike Richards, who will play in their third Stanley Cup Finals series in five years, an achievement on par with their respective gold medals.

It seems that most folks, except for the most ardent OBs, have come around on the fact that the Flyers didn’t win those tradesBut if you’re still on the fence, sleep in your Ed Snider pajamas or believe that Paul Holmgren is gone (when he’s actually running a business he admittedly knows little about), here’s a quick rebuttal to your incorrect viewpoint [and I’m going to use these delightful new bullet points to make it]:

  • The reflexive retort by those who still think that the Flyers won those trades is as follows: Would you rather have Richards and Carter, or Schenn, Simmonds, Voracek and Couturier? Well of course you’d rather have four contributing players than two. But that’s the wrong way of looking at it. If the Flyers didn’t trade Richards and Carter, there would be players rounding out the spots occupied by the two extra players the Flyers netted in those deals. There wouldn’t be just two empty roster spots. There’d be real, actual humans. In fact, they would probably be players of at least Brayden Schenn’s ability. So the proper way to ask the question is: Would you rather have Richards, Carter, an underperforming forward similar to Schenn and likely a two-way checking forward similar to Couturier, or Voracek, Simmonds, Schenn and Couturier. My answer is the former.
  • The knock on Carter, who is not just some role player for the Kings but actually the second-leading scorer on the team and in the league with 22 points in 21 playoff games, is that he’s a one-dimensional player. Which couldn’t be more wrong. He’s turned into a very good two-way forward. I’m sorry if that doesn’t fit into the Jeff Carter is a lazy bum who just scores lots of goals narrative, but it’s true. And if you need any evidence, look no further than the fact that he was defending overtime-world-beater Patrick Kane (effectively) in overtime of Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals last night. If you must find a one-dimensional scorer, may I present to you: Wayne Simmonds.
  • In fact, Carter has turned into a well-rounded, Richards-type player. With the game on the line and Kings players out of gas after an icing call, Carter, before taking the ensuing face-off in his team’s zone, just happened to spot a minor imperfection in the ice, causing a 30-second delay as the linemen attended to it… and as Carter and his linemates sucked some wind. That’s Mike Richards-level chicanery.
  • Some people feel that it’s unfair to point towards the Kings’ success as a reason why these were bad trades. Maybe so. But there’s no other way to look at it. The apparent reasoning for the trades was to separate the destructive friends and rid the Flyers of two players who ostensibly didn’t do things the Flyer way (whatever that actually means), that couldn’t win together. Although the Flyers didn’t trade Carter to the Kings, he was were quickly reunited with Richards and they have gone on to become a part of one of the most successful teams in hockey over the last three seasons. There was no obvious reason to trade them – as evidenced by the fact that the Flyers signed both of them to long-term contracts – and the only explanation is that it had something to do with their off-ice endeavors. The only way to counter is to point towards their success with the Kings. Or, you know, the Flyers’ lack of playoff success.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

Riley Cooper posing with black guys might be my new favorite thing:

Voila_Capture 2014-06-02_08-45-58_AM Voila_Capture 2014-06-02_08-46-25_AM Voila_Capture 2014-06-02_08-46-46_AM

That’s almost better than Donald Sterling attending a black church service.

Marlon Byrd broke his bat on a swing and a miss. Wonder where someone gets that sort of raw power.

Yet another baby died (bringing the total up to six) in Leslie Gudel’s Nap Nanny, which has been recalled for some time. I see a lot of comments about Leslie and her product, and I think they’re unfair. Did her company produce a defective and dangerous product? Yes. But the danger results from the completely unexpected and nearly-impossible-to-forsee situation that, when the chair is placed inside cribs or other tight areas, babies could suffocate by climbing out of the chair and getting stuck between it and the crib walls. This is an unfortunate situation all-around – that a well-intentioned product produced such horrifying results – but it’s completely unfair to call Gudel a “baby killer,” which is something I’ve seen quite a bit online.

Speaking of dangerous: Bride pulls newborn down the aisle on the train of her dress.

More babies: Heard the Utleys are expecting a second boy. ANOTHER BABY CHASE!

The New York Yankees and Shane Victorino joined many in remembering Lewis Katz.

Ed Rendell turned down an invite to be on the doomed flight.

V. Stiviano mocking black people.

Stupid twerking.

All that Richards and Carter stuff aside, the Kings could buyout Richards because of his cap hit.

Apple will live-stream it’s Keynote today.

Kacie McDonnell and Katherine Webb:

Voila_Capture 2014-06-02_09-47-01_AM Voila_Capture 2014-06-02_09-47-11_AM



Nick Rocha shot a net 74 at Westover to win the first event and take the early overall lead. Next up: The Club at Shannondell, now through June 22.


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  1. Is there a Modells or Foreman Mills I can get a Kings Jersey Tee at?

    King Me.

    1. Cartzy and Richie just happened to land in the right spot.

      If Simmonds Schen and Vorachek were on the curent day Kings they would be on their way to the Stanley Cup. The Cartzy/Richie trades worked out well for LA but don’t believe they were pivotal to LA’s success.

      1. Wow, so all the Kings needed a few years ago was Vorachek since they already had Simmonds and Schenn. And they would be on their way to the Cup because of the great scoring and leadership abilities of those those two. Glad you’re not Flyers new GM.

  2. First…. Agreed on all of kyles thoughts on flyers. It’s been covered here before and the OBs just sound like brainwashed, delusional drones.

    Second…. Katherine Webb and kmcd hung out over the weekend. That normally would be Roundup fodder but I’m guessing kmcd will never be a post subject again here. Also, I do think kmcd is pretty effing hot but next to Webb she is completely out classed. Wow.

    1. hahaha let’s get it all out of all system with this post & put the posts to bed afterwards

      1. Ha. You red-beaked, sear suckered summer renter. I thought you were extinct. Go fly your shorts.

  3. That you mentioned all that stuff about Richards and Carter but not once did you mention anything about their respective salaries. Leaving aside your absolutely absurd assumption that they could get a any random player as good as Couturier for that cheap, you can’t just compare the players without mentioning their salaries. When the Flyers signed those Carter and Richards deals, they didn’t now how good Giroux was going to get so quickly. They needed to find cheaper players in order to crate cap room. Yeah they fucked it up by spending big on Bryz instead of defense but that doesn’t mean the initial trades where bad.

    Richards’ play has dropped off so much that the Kings are considering buying him out at his salary. How the fuck is that not a good trade then? They’re going to give him up for nothing and we got Simmonds, Schenn, and a second rounder in return.

    And for the love of Christ, stop it with this type OB bullshit. You act like you’re Mr. “View everything in shades of grey” but you have no ability whatsoever to do that with the flyers (or Villanova basketball). I hate Holmgren and ed snider is an awful meddling owner. Bryz was a disaster, the Lecavalier signing was bad, and JVR for Luke Schenn was a bad trade. But that doesn’t mean trading Carter and Richards were also bad deals. See look at that? It’s possible that Holmgren has made both good and bad acquisitions. Wow.

    1. Dude the Flyers suck. Our team got to a Stanley Cup and have gone downhill since. “Culture”. What a joke.

    2. The fact that VC even had to make the above comment is the huge-elephant problem with this site, and why it will never be taken seriously as a sports blog. On the rare occasion that Kyle writes an actual sports article (what, about twice a month?), he tries to be prescient only to be quickly shredded by guys who actually know the sport. This is Kyles “sitting way behind the goal at Flyers games is the best place to view the game” mindset, and sadly he’s no better with Phillies or Eagles commentary. His Phillies posts always involve bashing Rube or Comcast (low fruit), and Eagles knowledge can be summed up by reacting to last year’s Detroit game by trotting out a horrific Snow Bowl sweatshirt.

      For all of you newbies to the site who are railing against regular commenters, just hold your piece a few weeks until you see how douchy this blogger is on a regular basis. Nobody came here deciding in advance to “be an asshole” to Kyle. They got there by expecting a better product just like you do now, only to be put off by the long run of quirky narcissistic inconsistent self-serving non-sports-related ‘rules’ and posts. Be patient, it will all make sense to you soon.

      1. VC’s comment is mostly about the salaries. Who cares? Not my $. And please don’t give me ‘the salary cap’ crap. If they hadn’t traded those guys when they did, they wouldn’t have signed Bryz, and could have used the Bryz amnesty to buy at least one of them out later. And, please, you can’t give Homer props for trading guys with big contracts that the Flyers signed those guys to. It’s the skill that counts and Carter clearly still has it. Jury is out on Schenn, Simmonds, etal.

        1. The jury’s still out on Simmonds? He’s one of the best power forwards in the league. I assume by etal you mean Couturier and Voracek? Couturier is one of the best defensive forwards in the league. He’s 21 years old. Once he figures out how to score, he will be one of the best players in the league. Voracek is the 2nd best player on the team. He had a career year AND he’s young. The only player you can bitch about is Schenn.

          1. I’m not saying those guys don’t have skills. What I am saying is none of them – as of now – has Carter’s ability to score. You can argue that those other guys bring other skills to the table that Carter and Richards may not have, OK I get that, but Carter is a better goal scorer than any of them or probably any Flyer for that matter. It will be very interesting to see how he does against Lundquist in the Finals.

          2. Simmonds had two more goals and ten more points than Carter. If only the Flyers had someone that could score like Carter does, though…

        2. That amnesty clause wasn’t in place when that trade was made you dumbass. There was no way of knowing at the time that they could just amnesty Richards down the road. They had a glut of talent at the center position and it made sense to trade more expensive players to give more playing time to younger, cheaper ones. They should’ve spent the money on defense, but instead Eddie and Homer fucked it up by overpaying for Bryz. But, for the millionth time, just because they fucked up with Bryz doesn’t mean the initial trade was the wrong one. They got great value for both players.

          1. Just because the Flyers got more players and saved money (which they didn’t if you factor in what they eventually had to pay Bryz to go away) doesn’t make them good trades either. My point about the $ is it doesn’t matter. Not my money. Is team better today than day after they lost 2010 Finals? I believe that answer is No.

          2. Because Prongers career ended, not because of the trades. Losing Pronger hurt more than any of those trades.

    3. @Very convenient:Spoken like a true orange kool-aid drinking,delusional,Ed Snider ass kissing Flyers fan.

      If it was up to you Flyer stepfords,there would be parades down broad st every time the mediocre Flyers make the playoffs.

      Keep binge drinking that spiked orange kool-aid,and giving fast Eddie your money stepford,like the mindless drone you are.

      1. “I hate Holmgren and ed snider is an awful meddling owner. Bryz was a disaster, the Lecavalier signing was bad, and JVR for Luke Schenn was a bad trade.”

        What part of that was kool-aid drinking & ass-kissing? Helps a little to read comments before replying to them.

      2. Hey Kyle,
        I’m a pretty good goalie and would like a little acknowledgement for my 1.41 GAA and Conn Smythe for when we won the cup two years ago. Pretty sure you could use me back east. Cartsy and Richie are allowed to be (highly) contributing role players with likes of Kopitar, Gaborik, Doughty and Brown around here. I’m not carrying the load this year, but don’t worry about it though. Your analysis is sound.

    4. Are you sure that isn’t vince young with Riley Coop? He’s got nothing better to do then go down the shore.

    5. You could have summed up your entire comment with “they fucked it up”.

  4. Ok I’m done here. A fucking Carter and Richards article to start the week off, then a ton of links? I don’t care about the LA Kings. The Phillies played 39 innings of shit baseball this weekend and I’m looking at a picture of Jeff Carter, and after 40 links a picture of KCMD proving that you’re just trolling your readers for more cheap page views. Guess you liked the activity the KCMD “disgusting vile” comments brought to your site after all. Fuck off.

    1. Delco Jorts nailed it. Kyle is trolling the shit out of his readers today with these topics. Carter, Richards, and Kay-C. Come on…

        1. From a business perspective, yes, it is smart. But I also realize exactly what he’s doing with this Jeff Carter crap. The Phillies lost 2 games in extra innings and don’t even get a mention…classic.

          Newsflash: Carter was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets. You would think Holmgren shipped them both off to Kings and they immediately became NHL superstars and brought cups to LA. They have a pretty damn good TEAM out there in LA. Carter is having a monster playoff. There’s no denying that. But to think they the reason the Kings are winning is solely because of those 2 players is just dumb and not accurate. They are a stacked team from top to bottom.

      1. When the overtime goal was scored last night, you didn’t know Kyle’s post was coming today? Do you come to this site often?

    2. Stop bitching delco jorts.

      You sound worse than a woman going through her monthly cycle.

      If you dislike the blog so much,create your own blogspot,otherwise STFU!

      GO DODGERS !

  5. Do handicaps mean nothing in the CBGA? Just seeing people with N/A in their handicap space with higher scores, yet in the standings they are above people with lower scores who posted a handicap…

  6. Riley Cooper should not be allowed out in public for at least 2 years. He needs to look within. wtf & he’s drinking

    1. I really hope his daughter brings home a black guy, let’s see how open minded Mike Miss really is

  7. You guys, be honest… can you tell I have implants? Sometimes I wonder if they’re noticeable. You know, just a little.

  8. Sweet write-up, Ky! What, did you put a whole 30 minutes into linking all of this articles!? Is this what a six figure job entails?

  9. I am so tired of you talking about this trade. It’s almost like every flyers article incorporates some quip about that trade and how good Carter and Richards are. No one is denying Carter’s success this year especially in the playoffs, but Richards performance is significantly under par this year. You also write these articles as if Carter and Richards are the sole reason why the Kings are where they are. He has scored only 2 goals and has 6 assists the entire playoff series. Have you ever heard of the names Drew Doughty and Jonathon Quick?

  10. I really want to know how the Flyers “lost” those trades. By saying they “lost” the trades, you’re implying that the Flyers would be a better team with Richards and Carter? I disagree 100%. They’re both good players, no doubt, but the players they got in return are just as good, younger, and cheaper. The reason the Flyers went downhill after 2010 is because Prongers career ended. With Pronger, they’re a completely different team. But there’s no mention of that anywhere. Instead, you see that the Kings are in the Finals, immediately attribute that to Richards and Carter (mostly Carter if you ask me), and instantly proclaim the Flyers lost the trade. Here’s a thought: both teams did well in the trades. The Flyers got a future Selke winner in Couturier, our 2nd best player in Voracek, one of the best power forwards in the league in Simmonds, a 2nd round pick which in turn got us Grossmann. You can bitch about Schenn, which is fair, but he’s still young enough to turn things around. Yes, the Kings have won a Cup, and are probably going to win another, but keeping Richards and Carter doesn’t equal a Cup for the Flyers. You never acknowledge that, you call people like me type OBs for page views. The Flyers compete every year, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. The Blackhawks, Penguins, Kings, among other teams, all struggled for years before getting to where they are now. The Flyers have had one year, maybe two, in recent memory where they didn’t compete. Look at your beloved Phillies, the laughing stock of baseball. But it’s cool they have Cliff Lee, piss excellence and all that gay shit you spew about them. Only shit on the Flyers, when you clearly don’t understand that two teams can do well in a trade.

    1. Agreed 100% on the Pronger thing. Kyle NEVER mentions it, and it’s the single biggest contributor to the Flyers’ lack of success the past few seasons. But that doesn’t fit into is “the Carter/Richards trades were the worst thing to happen ever… no seriously, fucking ever. I’d take the Holocaust over living through those trades again” story angle.

      1. Because Kyle is a know-nothing, fucking idiot who is secretly in love with the hoArs-teethed traffic girl who craves dark meat.

        He truly believes that Carter & Richards are/were the most important ingredients to the Kings cup, therefore the Flyers would-have, should-have, could-have won the cup.

        His constant idiocy is fucking embarrassing at this point.

  11. I thought the second paster started today…? Is he not done his shift at Five Guys yet?

  12. Admit it Kyle, you whacked your bag a few times this weekend to the traffic slut/Webb picture

  13. One more point, Kyle. As others have mentioned, pretty hilarious how your trade evaluation does not mention salary. LOL. You’re like Earl from Fishtown calling up 610 asking if we could trade Howard and Kyle Kendrick for Trout. You should try hanging out with Ruben Amaro.

  14. Anyone want to hang out at Springfield mall today? I do not work and very lonely.

  15. Wow dude. You bitch about lazy writers, yet anyone who doesn’t agree with your frothing at the mouth view of the flyers, or simply looks at things more objectively than just “ED SNIDER SUCKS”, is a type ob loser. You bitch about the media playing into easy narratives yet you help peddle these same media members bogus narrative about “culture” and you just cast ob fans into an easy mold and make them out to be stupid. Go fuck yourself dude. Lets go through each of your bullet points.

    1. What kind of round about logic is this? Not only does having more players who produce similar numbers work in our favor, but it doesnt make sense. You rip holmgren (rightly so. OMG, im a type ob nut criticizing management. Gasp, how I dont fit into your narrative. Oh the horror!) for making awful moves, yet when you argue against the trades, you just assume hed have made the right moves for players around richie and carts?

    2 and 3. You said it yourself: Carter TURNED INTO one of the kings best players. He WAS very much so a one dimensional player when he was here. He was with us for 6 years and NEVER showed up in the playoffs or on defense the way he does now in LA. You can criticize managembt all you want for bad talent evaluation (see bobrovsky, sergei), but you cant ride them for trading carter. Sounds cliche, but hindsight is always 20/20 aint it? You act like richards and carter were world breakers in the playoffs (richie was great for us definitley), but those same irreplaceable, fearless leaders you just cant get over, were the leaders of a team who was running away witg the presidents trophy mid season in and let it slip to second in the conference with a horrible 2nd half of the season and an embarassing playoff performance against buffalo and boston. You always say how they went to 2 ecfs and the cup finals…but guess what? They couldnt get over the hump! Good leaders dont let their teams lose to the penguins two years in a row, and dont miss wide open nets in ot of gsme 6 of the fucking finals. The flyers, even in 2010 before their lightning in a bottle cup run, were wildly inconsistent under richards/carts leadership. Wasnt all their fault, and I think richie at least, got unfairly ran out of town…but if youre going to act like theyre gods gift to hockey than why dont you apply it to when they were actually relevant to this team/city? And again with the dluble standard: when steve mason came here, the argument from you was that it was a change of scenery that would help him out. Motivation after being traded…why isnt that the same argument you make with carter? He wasnt the player he is now with us. He used his trade and change of scenery as motivation and became better. Plain and simple..

    And simmonds is a 1 dimensional scorer? Dude, get the fuck out of here. The guy was fantastic for us and came up big all season.

    4. What are you fucking talking about? Theres no other way to judge these trades than by the kings success? Why cant it be that both teams made out good? Despite the odd timing, odd reasoning and general surprise of the richards/carter trades, the fact is that it happened and we still made out well as far as compensation. We got players that work well (jurys still out on bschenn) for us and replaced and exceeded the tangible and intangible production from 17/18, while the kings eventually got two players that fit well on their team. You can poo poo this argument all you want, but they went to a team that was already one of the all around best in all phases of the game. Thw fact that richards now is on their 4th line is a testament to that fact. And the fact that you act like wed have won the cup if richie and carts was still here souly because of them is stupid. If we kept the team the same way and won a cup, itd have been on the backs of pronger and bobrovsky, not richie and carts (though I dont want to diminish richards performances cause he was great for us). Again, Richie and Carts staying with this team wouldnt have fixed prongers ruined career, made brayden coburn a good defenseman, or cured holmgrens poor management. And I think it says something about your bias towards these two players, that you never seem to mention patrick sharp or justin williams whenever you bitch about the demons of flyers past.

    I hated seeing them go too, but guess what? I got the fuck over it. The fact that im looking at this team and its current players and not whining like a little bitch over players that have been gone for 3 years makes ME the out of touch fan with blinders on? I look at things objectively with the players we got in those trades and can acknolwedge the good along with the bad, while you do nothing but whine about richards and carter and howl about Ed Snider, makes ME crazy? Fuckin go fuck yourself, Kyle.

    Oh, and you can lampoon flyers fans all you want, but just remember: the only time the comments on this site arent filled with a bunch of inane intolerant babble from trolls and actually contain good back and forth about sports, is when theres a flyers post. Yeah, us flyers fans are so awful…Well what does that make you? Go fucking move to LA and become a kings fan you stupid , hypocrticial, asshole.

    1. Didn’t read a word you wrote but if you defend the Flyers you’re a P.O.S. They need to blow that team up and start over.

      Right now they’re probably thinking about how to retrieve all the players they lost (Williams, Carter, Richards, Sharp, etc) once they’re 38-40 years old, thinking that’s the answer to this city’s Stanley Cup woes.


      1. So you didnt read a word of what I said (which btw contained criticism of the flyers aand their management) and automatically spit out some stupid irrelevant comment about culture? Nice arguemebt dude. Yeah you cant or wont read more than a paragraph of my argument and then call me a pos, that obviously makes me the crazy one.

        1. Nobody’s gonna read that much shit Ralph. What are you doing, auditioning for Kyle’s paster#3 job?


    2. The people (like myself) who say “Culture problem” aren’t just focusing on the Carter & Richards trades. It’s a whole lotta stuff like leading the league in penalty minutes all the time, not being able to draft/develop any defensemen in God knows how long, giving out bad long term and/or no trade contracts, seeing nothing but former Flyer players (and not good ones at that) in the front office, and, oh yeah, the owner and his penchant for meddling in personnel decisions. I don’t know if Hextall can turn this around or not given the fact that Homer is still there, Clarke is still around, and Snider. I sure hope he can, but it’s a bigger job than just adding/subtracting one or two players I know that.

      1. The fact that you actually just trotted out Clarke as a source of bad decision-making within the organization tells us either that you’ve been dead asleep for sometime now, or just completely fucking dumb, considering he hasn’t had a thing to do with personnel decisions for, ummmm, let’s see…about 7 seasons.

        You fucking idiot.

        1. Look I don’t know what he does but you don’t either unless your Ed or Homer. Plus he drafted Carter and Richards so is he not part of this? Either those were good picks or they sucked; can’t have it both ways. Fine. You can trust the decision making structure they have. And maybe even give them a slight ‘OK’ on the Carter and Richards deals, but what else over all those years? Where is all the ‘home grown’ talent the Kings and Hawks have? Giroux. That is about it. The other ones that could play a little bit are gone and the rest couldn’t play. No bigger reason for their current state (including salary cap woes) than this. Can Hextall alone fix this, I hope so but …

  16. Kyle spent a lot of mental energy to say

  17. It was the best thing the Flyers could have possibly done sending those douchebag locker room cancers out of town. And mind you, Jeff Carter on the LA Kings has NOTHING to do with the Philadelphia Flyers. Let’s not forget he was shipped off to the BJs before finding himself reunited with his boyfriend in LA – teaching us the valuable lesson that you, too, can whine yourself to a Stanley Cup!

    Instead of Carter, I’ll take Jake Voracek and Sean Couturier any day. Let’s have a little patience and let Coots develop for Christ’s sake. The kid can barely legally drink! We all saw the fits he gave Evgeni Malkin in the playoffs two years ago…

    And don’t tell me for a second that you’d rather have Richie back instead of Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds. Again, as I said for Coots, let’s give Schenn (a year older than Coots) a little time to develop. And in Wayne Simmonds, we are talking about a through-in-through prototypical Philadelphia Flyer. Some of you stat junkies may like to note that last season Simmonds was a more productive scorer than Sidney Crosby when comparing points to ice time. But, yeah, Richie looks good playing Left Bench on Darryl Sutter’s 4th line…

    The Flyers decline since the Stanley Cup Final appearance in 2010 has NOTHING to do with the departures of Richie and Carts. The unfortunate injury to Chris Pronger contributed far more to that. You just cannot replace the mere presence (on and off the ice) of a Chris Pronger. I know it might hurt, but let’s give Homer at least SOME credit for at least trying to by offer sheeting Shea Weber. And it’s not like Kimmo Timonen would have gotten any younger, either. (One of the above posters already touched on the bad deals.)

    Tweedledee and tweedledum had to go. They didn’t do shit during the Kings run to the Cup in 2012 and they didn’t have to – playing second fiddle to guys like Kopitar and Brown. At least Carter is actually doing something this year. But if the Kings hoist Lord Stanley again, you can thank guys like Gaborik, Kopitar, Doughty, and Quick first.

    The Flyers needed to get a goaltender. Sure, they threw way too much cash at Bryzgalov, whose brain had been scrambled in a transporter accident when the Enterprise beamed him back down. But, the Flyers righted the ship and have their goalie now. They’ve got young defenseman in the pipeline and the youth already on the team up front. Let Hexy do his thing. And FOR FUCK’S SAKE can we NOT talk about Carter and Richards EVER AGAIN? It’s like continuing to whine and cry about an ex girlfriend that broke up with you three years ago. Take off the orange and black-covered glasses and realize she was never really that great in the first place!

  18. Your cred will increase at least 50% in anything you say if you stop using the guy’s nicknames….. Plus, it’s funny how once a player LEAVES the or-gan-EYE-zation, OBs refer to them by their given names once again….

    1. Oh, yeah. With arguments like this, and half the other comments that say “Culture.” and nothing else, its easy to see how us awful “type ob” fans are intellectually inferior to true flyers fans.

      1. “…its easy to see how us awful “type ob” fans are intellectually inferior…”

        Ralph, you finally nailed it! Now get off this board and don’t come back. We are trying to upgrade the combined IQ here, and we don’t need any koolaid-drinking ed snider-cocksucking lemmings on here dragging down everyone else!

  19. Maybe it’s the Kings management and leadership getting him to start focusing on Hockey again and cocaine less….

    But Jeff Carter has reverted back to a god damn good hockey player this year.

  20. Those are riding a bit high, eh?
    As for Leslie Guidel, i feel bad for her. Actually appears to be a decent product but those fuckwad parents that put their kid in a dangerous spot are the ones to blame. ITS NOT FOR USE IN A CRIB. Written right on the package.
    The most recent baby who died was trapped next to a crib bumper.
    Plus, for those of us who are new parents, we all know that crib bumpers are verboten.
    Babies are trying at time but keeping them safe isn’t really that difficult.

  21. First – we did NOT trade carter to the King, we traded him to Columbus. The Flyers have nothing to do with Carter on the Kings.

    Second – say you don’t trade them at all. Then what? What does your goaltending look like? Does Bob get the starts? While here, he did nothing to really grab that #1 position, so he flourished in Columbus, just as Mason has done so here.

    Third, the reason the Flyers fell off is all Pronger. With or without Richards and Carter, the career ending injury to Pronger had the largest impact. You look at that Kings team, and they already had a solid core. Top goalie, solid blueline – Carter and Richards rounded out that team.

    So the real question is, did the Flyers win the Richards trade? Yes they did. Did they win the Carter trade with COLUMBUS – yes, they did. Did Columbus win the trade witht he Kings? No, they did not. He wanted out of Ohio so they got what they could.

    It’s easy to say things like “if they were still here we would be playing for a cup” – but with what cap space? What goaltender? What defensemen? The fact is they filled perfect roles for LA, and hats off to them for that. That team was built before they got there – they just got them over the top.

  22. And what happens if the Kings lose in the first round like they should have after being down 3-0 in the series? Is Kyle writing this article or another article about how the Flyers won the trades? Of course not. It’s not about who won the trades or who lost. What has happened with the Kings has nothing to do with the Flyers. The only thing that needs to be considered is whether or not the Flyers would have won a Cup by now had they kept Richards and Carter or would they be a better team now with those two as opposed to the guys we got in return. We probably would still have no Cup. Richards and Carter are two member of a really good team with really good parts all around them. Richards and Carter on the Flyers would be a team with probably not as much depth and still with marginal, non-mobile defensemen and an inconsistent team defense. Just like the way the Flyers were able to nearly win the Cup in 2010 with a balanced offensive attack and leader on defense and good goaltending (until the final round), the LA team is just like that and they have been able to sustain that over a few years now. Once we lost Pronger, we lost that very important component of being a team like that.

  23. I was always OK with the Carter trade but hated shipping out Richards. Seeing Carter’s game evolve to where he is making big contributions on offense & defense, while Richards is about to be bought out/getting smoked by Michal Handzus in OT makes me realize I was wrong. Then again, I also liked the Kris Versteeg trade, thought that Luke Schenn would bolster the defense, and believed Bryz was the answer. So I’m pretty much wrong most of the time. Which means that me being happy that Hextall is the GM makes me think we are fucked.

  24. flyers fans are just groupies. they do nothing but regurgitate the company line no matter how delusional it is.

    wasnt it before the 2011 season that they locked up both carter/richards to long term deals and bragged about how great it was? wasnt 2011 the season they finally found their goalie of the future and bragged all year about it?

    nothing changes til ed is dead. just like Wirtz in chicago. maybe jay comes back.

  25. Wow Kyle, I love the new site layout. It so big ….. makes you really notice how big that traffic whores teeth really are !!!!!! Eat a cock meat sandwhich

  26. I will give you Carter he has changed the way he plays and has learned to play d. But, i am sick and tired of hearing about Mike Richards. I don’t wanna hear about the off the ice crap. The simple fact is he will be bought out this offseason. It was a terrible contract for a guy who has quickly been demoted down the Kings ranks. He is a 4th line center with Kyle Clifford and Trevor King. He gets his ice time when he is on the 2nd penalty kill unit. Other than that he barely plays. He has lost a step and has played a lot of games in a short span. If Richards was still here you would all be bitching about being stuck with him until 2020. It makes no sense to sit a debate two different teams. The Kings are a lot more than Jeff Carter and Mike Richards. They are good because they are able to draft well, develop young talent, and not afraid to pull the trigger and pick up a player like Gaborik at the deadline. If it wasn’t Carter and Richards, Dean would have found two other players and get the same result.

  27. Good analysis. The Flyers did not win the trades. It’s not even debatable.

  28. Yup, Especially when you consider that they traded both to make room for the bryz contract fiasco. Flyers mgmt is totally inept. But hey, they compete:)

  29. KC’s gums and refund gap are ready for Belmont this weekend…. Willllburrrrr

  30. We would like to thank that jackass Paul Holmgren for liberating us from the morgue that is the Philadelphia Flyers organization. If not for Homer, we wouldn’t be gunning for our 2nd STANLEY CUP TROPHY in THREE years!

    Oh, Justin Williams said to say hi. He’s working on his THIRD CUP since leaving your miserable organization!

  31. Hey, downtrodden Phlyers Phaithful, remember me?

    We (yes, we) are in the Stanley Cup Finals! What ‘choo all gonna be doin’ for the next 2 weeks?

    Must be a bitch to lose so early and often.



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