A Boston Radio Host Called Erin Andrews a Bitch and Said She Should Drop Dead

Boston radio host Kirk Minihane responding to Erin Andrews’ interview with the overly talkative Adam Wainwright:

“What a bitch! I hate her! What a gutless bitch! Seriously, go away. Drop dead. I mean, seriously what the hell is wrong with her? First of all, follow-up. Second of all, the guy admitted he did it. He admitted it. He told reporters he threw a couple of pipe bombs. How is that social media’s fault? I hate her. I seriously hate her so much. Social media is the reason she has a big house! Shut up. Shut up. I shouldn’t call her a bitch, I’m sure she’s a nice person.”

“She’s probably a bitch,” one of the other hosts added.

Erin Andrews can just never stay away from controversy. If she’s not getting filmed in her hotel room or replacing the mundane Pam Oliver, then she’s getting ripped for her lack of journalistic integrity or being called a bitch by some jackass.

God people suck.

I’m not defending Andrews’ nonsensical jab at social media (even though SM helped blow the non-story out of proportion, Wainwright made his comment to a group of actual reporters), but certain people in sports media treat this stuff like it’s some great social injustice. They’re also weirdly too eager to ignore the fact that they like seeing attractive women on TV as well. Andrews has become a symbol for she only has her job because of her looks. But no shit. When it was announced that Andrews would replace Oliver this season, the reaction from the sports echo chamber was predictable. People who make a living or make other people livings by commenting on or following sports get so deep in the weeds that they forget there are cheerleaders and ice girls and young female sideline reporters mostly for one reason, even though it’s one so many won’t acknowledge: because men watch and they like to look at attractive women. That’s not called sexism, it’s called being human. Women, too, like to look at attractive members of the opposite sex on TV (see: Pablo, Juan). If viewers prefer Andrews over Oliver – for whatever reason – than FOX is going to choose Andrews. It’s that simple. What’s more is that sideline reporters aren’t, nor are they supposed to be, actual reporters or journalists, and the first clue should be that they get paid by a network paying a league to cast its product in the best light possible. Did people really expect FOX employee Andrews to grill Wainwright about a silly controversy during FOX’s exclusive broadcast of one of its biggest sports partner’s showcase events? Let’s see how that works out the next time broadcasting rights are up for grabs:

Hey MLB, we want to buy the rights for 10 more years.

Can you promise that your on-air talent won’t berate our stars during exhibition games?

We cannot. 

FOX, or any network broadcasting a sporting event, is part of the show. Sure, it’s nice to see some objectivity, Tom McCarthy, but it’s not a news broadcast. It’s entertainment. This can be frustrating to watch sometimes, but it’s no great secret. [It’s also the elephant in the room that causes so many people to rightfully doubt SportsCenter’s objectivity, since ESPN is in bed with every league except for the one it doesn’t talk about.] So get off Erin Andrews, she’s not a reporter. Neither is Pam Oliver. Or Gregg Murphy. Or Molly Sullivan. That’s not a knock on them, it’s just what they do. Reporters aren’t a part of the show. And especially in sports, where the stakes are mostly frivolous, the lines are often blurred anyway. Is Ken Rosenthal a broadcaster or a reporter? C) None of the above. He’s a little man!

Which brings us back to Minihane. Criticizing Andrews for her “don’t you love social media” comment is fine, but ripping her for not being a good journalist (things you’ll see on Twitter today) or calling her a bitch is not. Obviously. I’m sure Minihane is the same guy who has Andrews’ hotel room video on a thumb drive somewhere and enjoys Busted Coverage’s 75 hottest sportscasters gallery (Andrews is 16, and that’s the real injustice here).

Erin Andrews’ job is to make the product more appealing to viewers, more appealing to people like me, you and Minihane. Pretending that’s not the case makes you out of touch. And telling someone to drop dead because they didn’t live up to your fabricated standard makes you an asshole.


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  1. “…now it’s computers and more computers and soon everybody will have one, 3-year-olds will have computers and everybody will know everything about everybody else long before they meet them and so they won’t want to meet them. Nobody will want to meet anybody else ever again and everybody will be a recluse like I am now.”
    – Charles Bukowski

  2. Why don’t you tell us how ya really feel?! Am I right, Ant? Double fired, cock suckah

  3. These guys in Boston as assholes. She probably isn’t a bitch, and I don’t want her to drop dead. She is just useless as a sports reporter. As an afternoon bang, sure. But insightful sports…um, no.

    My bigger problem is why we give a fuck about it, and why you went on such a long diatribe about it. Brace and Gallen just wen on and on about it for 2 hours…I didn’t have control of the radio…..and enough is enough.

  4. holy shit mikey miss is working seinfeld questions into the show today! thank god because he never talks about that or godfather movies!

    And the topic of the day is “players you love to hate”… time to hear this assclown rip tiger and peyton and suck off lebron for 4 hours…


    1. There are 2 sports talk stations in Philly that together barely have the talent to fill one programming schedule.

      1. And why does dickhead mike miss blast utley about his personality so much? Who fucking cares if he is quiet? At least he isn’t making an ass out of himself like our retard ex qb used to fucking do.

  5. Martinez is a fucking moron… Everyone on the station says all he is good for is hockey and then the other night they are doing “hockey player or soccer player” and this midget fuck didn’t know any of the hockey players. Fraud.

    He is fucking useless.

  6. Nobody gave two shits when a couple of easy fast balls got piped for Cal Ripkins last all star game. Now with social media every miserable asshole can phish for other like minded retards to agree with their senseless outrage.

  7. I was lamenting how freaking horrendous Philly radio is, until I heard these shitbags. I guess it really can be worse.

  8. most of these women are models or have had modeling careers. what does that tell you? they’re not sportscasters. they’re eye candy.

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