The guy challenging that little scaredy-cat LeBron to a dunk contest is North Philly gym teacher and owner of a movie villain name Hans Muller. Muller uploaded that video challenge for King James to come to his gym in North Philly and have a dunk off in part due to the kids he teaches. Muller told NBC10:

“If the kids were good in class, I’d attempt a dunk that they wanted me to try. That’s how it started, using it as a reward for them at the end of class.

They didn’t realize I was dunking on a 9-foot net. Since it’s only 9-feet I can do some trick dunks. My kids don’t really understand that the inside nets are lower than the outside nets. When we’re outside, my kids will ask me to dunk and my excuse was always that I didn’t wanna show off for the neighborhood so I could only do it inside where they couldn’t see.”

Kids are dumb. I did, however, get incredibly nervous when Muller ran across a chair and then a desk and then dunked. I’ve seen enough trampoline accidents online where I was totally expecting it to result in a bloody crash. But nope, Muller did it. Congrats. Overall though, I’m like this guy:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.20.43 AM

I support what this dude is doing, but not enough to put my damn drill down.

via (@yoitsbird)