A Summary of the Phillies’ Trade Deadline Activity

A comprehensive breakdown of the Phillies’ trade deadline transactions:














Fire Ruben.


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  1. What a joke. Get ready to hear a lot of “there just wasn’t anything we liked” and “there’s still August waiver trades”. Anyone who buys a ticket to see this shitshow while Ruben is still employed is simply an idiot.

  2. You have two World Series titles. Your going to pack the park on Alumni weekend. Obviously the Phillies organization is smarter than you.

    1. Your also pretty smart, are you taking you’re boyfriend to alumni weekend?

  3. Hey Gothem, go back to India, get a job at a call center and cheer for 22 hour cricket matches.

  4. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE (IN MY Tony bruno voice). Half [email protected] Ruben Amaro loser is the worst and put this team back another 10 years. His smug Stanford education gets him nowhere.. The best thing about this is that no way the phillies will fire this guy. He will be back another year, believe that!

  5. Oh don’t worry, Ruben will have lots of excuses as to why no trades were done. And it doesn’t matter that we know he is full of crap, that only thing that matters is that Monty believes every word he says because he is too busy changing his diaper to pay attention to what is going on.

  6. This sad part is that Kyle put as much effort into this post as he does every other post.

    Has training camp started yet?

  7. I have a VERY reliable source in the front office that told me this morning that they were not going to make any moves because Ruben basically was handcuffed by the organization.

    His exit is imminent and the Phillies did not want him making important baseball decisions, deconstructing the team or buying for that matter (you never know with him — thinks we’re a piece or two away).

    Take it for what it’s worth.

    1. I really hope that’s true. It shows the organization at least has some idea of what’s going on. We’ll see how much they understand by the amount of pink slips they hand out in the front office this offseason. I fear, however, that it will be very few.

    2. That’s the only thread of positivity that I can cling to in this whole thing: that Amaro gets shit canned and someone else oversees cleaning up this mess instead of having RAJ trade guys for more turds like Phillipe Aumont.

    3. You don’t have Jack, you Delco cubicle farmer. Go back to the water cooler at Vanguard. If his departure was imminent, why would they prolong the agony, stupid? You still have Gillick and Wade (who now looks like a baseball genius compared to dumbass Reuben) who could hold down fort for balance of season.

  8. Can’t be worse then what we have now. Wade is smarter than you think.

  9. HA! HA! Fuck you all! Although this was a better read than one of Jim Adair’s articles.

    1. Not bad….I would have done better….

      A comprehensive, breakdown, of the Phillies’, trade deadline, transactions:

      Fire, Ruben.,,,,,

  10. I didn’t think that Ruben could any more of a moron, but he continues to find ways to baffle Phillies fans and the organization. He could be the worst GM in pro sports history, absolutely Phillies history. What is Dave Montgomery waiting for?

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