And Now, Sad Brazilians


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  1. I expected more dimes out of Brazil. There are only like 2 hot chicks in there and only 1 bombshell (wasn’t crying).

  2. Thought Brazil would lose but not like this. Sad thing is it was the worse loss in knockout stage of world cup in front of the home crowd. If they dont win saturday to salvage some dignity, the whole country will see them as failures.

      1. You know, it’s one thing to take deadspins concept and make it local. I get that, even respect it. But to constantly rip off their posts and even dig deeper and steal shit from the comments section and play it off like you actually know some German phrase about taking joy in another persons failure is just another reason why you come off as a pathetic moron and your readers don’t respect you. Schadenfreude? GTFO here lazy.

          1. And then you sit behind your screen and deny, same as your disastrous handling of your traffic crush scandal. Play dumb because you think your readers are too dumb to figure it out. Schadenfreude. Unbelievable. Like where else would you get that from?

        1. Perfectly stated Steve. Un-creative theft at work here, and as usual a full day late. Kyle had a full 15 hours to think of something better than what every other blog on earth posted yesterday, and game up with zero. Kyle is our Brazil….all hat, no cattle.

      2. There used to be a time when taking someone else’s unique idea with zero source credit was frowned upon.

  3. Is that the fat kid from Salute your shorts? I also see at least 8-9 chicks I’d bone in these pics but I’m sad like that.

  4. Says he is a soccer fan

    First post about world cup is pictures of crying people

  5. Awesome the same story I saw 891 times all day yesterday. At least there’s still the comments section on this site, the only thing that keeps me coming back.

  6. That fat guy eating the flag is the funniest thing i’ve seen all morning… and it’s been a long morning.

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