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The Sixers played another game in the seemingly never-ending NBA Summer League last night. They played the Cavs, that little team from Cleveland that just drafted Andrew Wiggins and signed LeBron James. Perhaps of them you’ve heard.

Anyway, Andrew Wiggins. OMFBG ANDREW WIGGINS:

That’s disgusting. There’s a courtside view – a Vine – after the jump. And this comes just a day after Wiggins pulled off a stupid 360 in warmups. I’m going to feel bad about the lottery for a long time.


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  1. I won’t have any of this. Did you know this Wiggins kid grew up moderately comfortable, and he’s from CANADA?!?!? He’ll be a FAILURE in the NBA because he needs more SWAG!

  2. I hope who ever is getting these annoying surveys spends money based on the results I give them when I click on what the fuck ever to get it off my screen.

  3. You douchebags are ready to put this kid in the basketball hall of fame.

  4. You dumb over-hyping fucks. This was in the SUMMER LEAGUE.. Did you see the fat slow piece of shit picking wiggins up on the baseline? He rotated over like he had bricks in his fucking shoes.

    That dunk would NEVER happen in an NBA regular season game.

    However, did you notice the help defense by Noel at the end of the play? He shifted over, and made slight contact with the BALL, not the player. It still resulted in a made basket, but this shows Noel’s body control, and not enabling an and-1 scenario when shifting over for help.

    Calm the fuck down people.

  5. I’m not that tech-savvy but easily figured out how to get around the surveys & get right to the “content.”

    1. Just correcting my typo before someone else does.

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