Cliff Lee’s Remaining Trade Value was Just Pissed Away into the Night

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Even though the trade deadline came and went without so much as Ruben Amaro rolling out of bed and checking his phone, the Phillies still could’ve moved Cliff Lee before the end of the season if he were to clear waivers (probable). In fact, you could argue that it was likely he would get dealt. But nope. Not anymore. Whatever remaining value he had is gone. Urinated away into the D.C. night.

He hurt himself in the third inning tonight. After throwing his first pitch to Denard Span, he walked off the mound, pointed toward his elbow, and basically took himself out of the game. Here, watch:


I’m not a doctor, but I play one on this blog, and that to me looks like the sort of reaction pitchers have before they need Tommy John surgery. It’s once again Lee’s flexor-pronator in his left elbow. Jim Salisbury explains:

The official word from the Phillies was that Lee suffered a recurrence of the flexor-pronator tendon strain that had sent him to the disabled list on May 20. Given that Lee missed two months with that injury and now has a similar problem, it’s not a stretch to believe that his season is over.

Lee, who turns 36 in August, is owed the remainder of $25 million for this season and is guaranteed $37.5 million after this season. How this injury impacts next season is unclear, but if Lee were to require surgery, he could miss time in 2015, as well.

That’s just great. Well done, Rube. Well done.


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    1. How do I say goodbye to what we had?
      The good times that made us laugh
      Outweigh the bad

      I thought we’d get to see forever
      But forever’s gone away
      It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

      Don’t forget to pour out a little liquor in remembrance of the career of Phillies pitcher
      Cliff Lee.

  1. Buncha frauds. Every single one of you beat off furiously when Cliff was signed long-term. Can’t have it both ways. It’s mentalities like this that give Philly fans a bad reputation, not snowballs and batteries.

    Blame Ruben for the things that are actually his fault; not a jacked up elbow on a power pitcher’s throwing arm.

    1. I was thrilled to get Cliff Lee back. There’s no logical problem between thinking the guy was a great signing and thinking we should have dealt him earlier. It’s called trading high for a reason. We should have dealt Cole Hamels because of similar risks

    2. Amen MK! This guy was jerking off to Amaro when he was trading away prospects left and right

  2. Fucking cunts get the fuck off of this blog. You pussies will be sucking raj slimy dick when the team rebounds next year and wins the world fucking series. Fuck u fucking cunt motherfucking pussies

    1. A black man has a better chance at becoming a KKK member than the bum ass Phillies have at winning the 2015 World Series.

        1. That’s from that movie 8mile… You.. really blow breh… Like u sick.. A shitton..

  3. Ungreatful front running phils fans. Remember when Ruben had a 102 win season ?

    1. Yes you dickhead I remember.

      And what I also remember is after the Phillies won those 102 games,they lost in the opening NLDS series to the St. Louis Cardinals.

      Nice of you to conveniently leave that part out Phillies lapdog.

      1. Are you medicated right now? Did you really think “Give Raj a Chance” was being serious?

  4. Yeah he built a great regular season team, and also one who could not score a run when needed in the playoffs. He had no courage to let certain players walk even when it was obvious the lineup did not work anymore. You think it was easy for St. Louis to let Pujols walk? It was not, but they knew he was not worth it anymore. There was no reason to resign Howard when he still had time on his contract. His numbers were declining every year.

  5. Fat Face Rube is a fucking moron who put all his $$ into pitching & not hitters in a hitters bp.
    & gave that fat fuck at 1st the worst contract ever

  6. Cheer up Phillies fans,we can at least be positive with the development of Ken Giles.

    And Grady Sizemore has been a pleasant surprise,so all is not lost.

  7. When Rube goes to a carnival, they yell Hey, Rube and don’t even know his name.

  8. Crossing Broad (December 2010) Believe it or not :

    “””If Lee were to take less money to come here, he would go down as one of the most beloved players to ever play in Philly. Or, this could be the biggest cock tease ever.”””

    “””Roy, Cliff, Roy, Cole. R2C2. Make it happen.”””

    1. The Big Poker bro!! I watch every game. EVERY GAME BRO. There will never be a time when I don’t watch every game, because I’m a real fan bro! Get ready for Morning Wood every day! Don’t listen to those sabermetric nerds who say Ryan Howard is a disaster waiting to happen! I’m going to mention how sabermetrics and stats like OBP and OPS are overrated because I’m with The Big Poker and his love for the RBI bro! Wooooo keg room smashing party bro! Nickleback 4ever!!!!!!

  9. On a side note, but last night’s game related, after the Phillies tacked on a bunch of runs (about when it got to 10-4), I heard on the radio the mention of the Nats fans getting up and leaving.

    True fans, there. Natitude my ass.

  10. Fans are the same everywhere (well except the bots in St. Louis who would lay on the train tracks for their team). If a team is losing, no one is interested, attendance goes down and people leave early.

  11. Optimistically I’d like to think that the reason that (rumor has it) he didn’t make any deadline deals is because he’s getting shown the door at the end of the season. Common sense tells me that this isn’t happening, because the Phillies are completely inept as a franchise from the very top, and if the Phils were owned by Jeffrey Lurie or Josh Harris or someone who is able to show any control/wherewithal, Rube would have been gone already. Ol Monty is just as responsible for the Phillies downfall as Ruben Amaro or Ed Wade.

    Actually at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if instead of making the wise decision of making Charlie Manuel GM or paying big money to poach Andrew Friedman from Tampa Bay, they go with lame-brain Wade, because this franchise makes no sense.

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