CTV Shows Restraint and Subtlety in Claude Giroux Arrest Story

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 12.10.27 PM

Wait, did I say subtlety? Just kidding, they called it a “sexual assault” in the headline and used a picture of Giroux rocking a pretty hardcore molestache to illustrate their point. Still, no charges were filed. Meanwhile, the Flyers are still “[withholding] making any further comment,” also known as pacing around the offices trying to put together a statement totally devoid of butt puns. They’re behind on this whole thing and need to just drop everything and get right up in it.

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16 Responses

    And yet Giroux wonders why he did not make the Olympic team????
    Maybe he does not realize he is not desirable as an ambassador of the game when he is such a scumbag of the ice. First the pictures of him playing beer pong from last summer with girls and now this wild crazy behavior. Someone needs to teach him a lesson, Bettman should give him 10 games. Maybe after he’s matured off the ice he can become a hockey icon like Crosby or Malkin. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ^^^ worst handle ever.

      Penguins fan who goes to Temple. You lose on both fronts. That’s akin to ‘ Blind and Deaf man who also has small penis.’ God hath defacated on thou, Yins poor SOB!

      1. Don’t know why but that pens temple handle makes me smile everytime. So bad it’s funny

    2. Damn, you still haven’t graduated yet? Color me not surprised. That Pittsburgh pedigree is really shining through.

      You can take the Pennsyltuckian out of Pennsyltucky, but not the Pennsyltucky out of the Pennsyltuckian.

      1. GIRLS! A real man like Sidney (isn’t that a girls name?), or a certain pens fan struggling with the curriculum at temple, would have been playing with dudes; then lining them up to get bukkaked.

  2. Will Flyers fans be forced to stop calling Sydney Crosby various homophobic slurs after Giroux has been outed? Only time will tell.

  3. did you guys see Crosby’s girl at the awards?

    did you see Giroux’s girl?

    Enough said.

    Penguins fan who goes to Temple….since when is hanging out with chicks drinking beer for a 26 year old single rich guy being “a scumbag off the ice.”

    He has probably gotten more puss in one weekend then you have over there. And no, hookers outside the Liacouras Center don’t count.

    1. It took a long time for me to even find a picture of Crosby with a girl. I assumed malkin pitched and he caught.

      BTW, Jon Toews GF can get it.

  4. Yo wut up son. You all need to check out Steve Mason’s chick, for realz. Look at his recent Instagram posts. God damn. Mason has done well. Ya herd

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