DeSean Jaccson Got Dennis Hopper’s Haircut from the Mario Bros. Movie
Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 10.19.41 AM

My brain immediately went to Dennis Hopper in Super Mario Bros. (at least when it starts to grow in), but I think Jimmy Kempski nailed it. That looks like the haircut a Simpsons character would have if it were suddenly made real.

Kyle said “it actually looks like a rumble strip in Mexico,” about ten minutes ago and he’s still talking about how he was just in Mexico and how great it was.

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7 Responses

  1. The Mexicans took a look at Crossing Broad on the weekends and decided Kyle was too lazy to live amongst them.

  2. Dear Jim,

    All JACPOT posts should be transcribed in DJAC twitter/instagram speak. Clearly Kyle hasn’t informed you of this. This is your only warning.


    The trolls of the CrossingBroad comment section

  3. Jim Kempski just confused the shit out of D-Jac wit dat tweet. D-Jac thinks ham is from a can I’m pretty sure.

  4. Do you guys sit in the “Horsham office” in your underwear together? When you play Sonic do you always make Jim be Tails? You should def do an ask the writer anything segment. Bet you don’t have the cohunes?

  5. seriously? this article is worse than my radio show. And my radio show is pretty fuckin bad

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