Sticky: Ruben Amaro’s Gmail Leaked!

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By: Kyle Scott, Jim Adair, Dan Hays
Design: Matt MacMillan

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51 Responses

  1. Paps is going emit such a stinker that the Phillies beat writers will be in tears. It is going to peel the paint off the walls. They are going to have to bring in a Hazmat team. Will probably be years before the players can enter the room again.

  2. Wtf the twitter phils cliffhanger last night was this shit?????
    This is worse than that QB fb thread going around couple years back

  3. The gmail chat box with Gillick should be the other way around. Gillick should be the one asking if Ruben is there, offering advice and asking why won’t he answer him. I swear RAJ was sleeping during Gillick’s tenure while he was basically here mentoring him.

    This whole organization is just sad anymore. It really needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom.

  4. might have to Amend this to get Hurricane in there after his twitter rant towards the phils last night

  5. I love that Sean Brace’s profile has a Skullshaver link.

  6. Anyone else realize what a JOKE this whole “97.5 Fantasy Fest” is?

    Like who in their right mind would go to that thing on their own accord? You have to be an ultimate loser.

    That’s why they’re giving out 50+ tickets a day for answering the most trivial questions, just so it creates some attendance plus you’ll then feel obligated to go, tell a friend to come with, etc.

    Feel bad for the girls that have “won” tickets to the “event” too. Bunch of sweaty dweebs / pedo-bears.

    1. Could not pay me to go to that. It’s going be a bunch of WT and 96% guys.
      Also what’s up with Roc not saying “Plano gots love for you Mikey Miss”anymore?
      Wonder if he reads the comments on here a la like k.c stopped smiling open mouthed

    2. If there are 10 girls at this thing, I would be shocked. Since I have no intention on going, I can’t wait for the reviews of it on here. Should be stunning.

      1. imagine how bad the girls working at xfinity will be harassed that day?

    3. There is one, and only one reason to go to that garbage. Sheena. Fucking. Parveen.

    4. I’m sure this will be frequented by the same idiots who go to wing ball and have sports team tattoos

  7. I usually rip you guys..deservedly so.

    But, I will give it to you, this is pretty funny.

  8. Someone just asked Kyle on twitter if this e-mail account was real…..You are fucking kidding me, right?

  9. Like how you got baby killer lesile guidel in there. She used to be rubes side piece back in the day & would walk around her apartment naked.

    1. ***Rube would walk around guidel’s apartment naked when she wasn’t there. Sick fuck

  10. 10,448 messages? You were THISCLOSE to one message for every Phillies all-time loss.

    Overall, very well played, guys. Bravo.

  11. Gotta give credit where credit is due. This is pretty damn good. Where did you steal it from?

  12. should have added Mrs. Howard on the email thread with pic attachments of the new house.
    good stuff though

    1. Hey here’s a guy who think he owns the internet just like Pat Burrell’s dick. Maybe you two fags could meet up and dock your cocks sometime. Shut up you whiny little bitch. He took my toy…..boooo fucking hoooo.

  13. Funny… Especially loved the Pat Burrell email and also the Un-opened analytics conference email.

  14. Well done boys. It does make me wonder who this Dan Hays character is and why he didnt get the staff job over hipster Kyle. I would like to see more pictures of all the local Philly weather/news/csn broads though. Maybe any time one of them posts a slutty pic on social media it gets posted on here so we can all talk about how we wouldn’t give our left arm to bang them instead of our white trash north Philly WAGs.

  15. this is the stupidest fucking thing i have ever seen. not the least bit funny. actually embaressing how long it probably took you idiots to make this. never again, please

  16. I’m sure glad we have a sticky about this one…..
    Because its hilarity continues to grow?

      1. You refused my kind offer of a job with an impressive salary with benefits for you and your life partner.
        Who is the dick now?

  17. This is THE best sports blog by far that makes u answer survey questions! Wait…are there any other sites that make you do that? Lame

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