UPDATE: Flyers Make First Free Agency Move, Sign an AHL Goalie and Re-Sign Emery

You have to break the seal somehow, and the Flyers have just made their first move in free agency by signing goaltender Rob Zepp to a one year deal. Zepp comes to the Flyers from the German DEL and, according to Broad Street Hockey, will likely split time with Anthony Stolarz with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. It’s not exciting, but it’s not over yet.

You can see Zepp’s career numbers over here.

UPDATE: They also re-signed Ray Emery. All done now.

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21 Responses

  1. You can see real reporting over here at this link. Fuck Jim you copy and paste everything else you can’t just summarize his career stats? Every computer comes with a calculator. I think Kyle hired you just so people would hate you more than him. He is right.

  2. This goalie played with Claude and Danny B. Not a bad player, he averages about .92 save percentage but the issue is that he is 32. I don’t see him adjusting to the NHL and coming up to make any real impact. The best we can hope for is a decent back up to replace emery for cheap next year and for the foreseeable 2-3 years. Certainly not a starter though.

    1. Barring several injuries, I doubt Zepp was signed to ever play a game for the Flyers. He’s 32-years-old and hasn’t even dressed for an NHL game. He was signed to mentor and play a back-up role to Stolarz in Lehigh Valley.

      1. I agree with you, he wasn’t brought here to play. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he suited up to sit on the bench in a couple years or so as a backup if something happens to Emery. Nothing consistent at all, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear his name again.

  3. The Flyers not having any money to spend actually wasn’t a bad thing. It saved them from themselves. There weren’t any marquee free agents out there and yet teams still threw huge deals around out there that they will regret in a year like our contract for Lecavalier. There wasn’t one player out there that I am disappointed about not getting.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. The price was way too inflated for some of these bums that got deals today. Glad the flyers sat out on a less than stellar free agent market. If they did have room to make a move I would be interested to see if Hextall gave out long contracts to 33 year olds like Holmgren did like he is giving out candy on halloween. We need to get rid of Lecavalier contract, cut down on all the over-paid defenseman (cough cough streit, macdonald cough cough), and let the younger forwards develop in the league and the younger defenseman develop in the minors and juniors

      1. Agree in part. Yes guys like Orpik and Engelland got stupid deals. But the Flyers beat everyone to market by giving MacDonald that terrible deal months ago (before that speed demon Carcillo lapped him in the playoffs).

        Basically, their stupid deals kept them from making stupid deals.

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        1. God, you do realize this is hands down the unfunniest post ever on this site. You know that, right?

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  4. Fuck Ray Emery..apparently the Liars are so goddamn good that they can afford to let him lose games…
    Name one, ONE of them, other than cokehead Grant Fuhr, who has won anything…..just one…..Can’t do it….
    Fuck you Hexy—MISTER christkiller’s new lackey.

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