Former Temple Star Rick Brunson Reportedly Used “Patrick Ewing” as an Alias With Massage Therapist He Allegedly Assaulted

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Rick Brunson, a former standout player at Temple who spent nine years in the NBA and was recently tied to an assistant coaching vacancy at his alma mater, has been arrested in the Chicago area and charged with attempted criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual abuse, and third-degree aggravated battery. The whole incident reportedly deals with Brunson’s apparent obsession with a masseuse.

According to the Sporting News:

“Between 2010 and 2013, he had booked between 10 and 20 massages with the unidentified masseuse before she eventually informed him she would no longer massage him due to an undisclosed incident.

On April 2, 2014, Brunson made an appointment with the masseuse under the name ‘Patrick Ewing.’

When the masseuse walked into the room, she found Brunson — not Ewing — unclothed.

‘Brunson admitted to her that he booked the massage under a different name. … (She) believed he used a fake name to book the massage because she had told him in 2013 that she would not massage him anymore. (She) reluctantly agreed to massage him since he was already there,’ the report says.

After the alleged victim made a formal complaint to the club’s manager, the club rescinded Brunson’s membership, effective April 9.

That same day, the woman alleges, Brunson attempted to contact her multiple times via text messages and phone calls.

She sought a protective order on April 15, writing that she was ‘afraid of (him)’ and ‘just want(ed) him to leave me alone.'”

I’d imagine Ewing, who was Brunson’s teammate during Brunson’s tenure with the New York Knicks, is not exactly thrilled with this story. And you’d think if you were going to pose as someone else, you’d at least choose someone you kind of resemble. Like maybe Boris Diaw. Something like that.

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  1. I see nothing wrong with what he did. He’s just trying to get some pussy

  2. I heard recently that Ewing used to have to tape his dong to his leg while playing. Probably in order to avoid injury to others. Is this true? Jim and Kyle, get on that. I expect a full report with comparison to Nick Foles and Kyle’s dildo I mean dog toy.

  3. Had a great comment but the vagomaches that run this crap site moderated it out. What is with Kyle’s obsession with protecting the name of that traffic whore?

  4. Go to deadspin and you’ll see old Jim boy took a note from kyles book and copied and pasted this story

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