Guy With “76ers 2015 NBA Champs” Ass Tattoo Makes Me Okay With Tanking Another Year

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Crack obscured, because crack kills

And the Philadelphia sports obsession with asses continues: One Sixers fan, who is either delusional in all the wrong ways or all the right ways, got a Sixers logo tattooed on his ass with “2015 NBA Champs” below it. Maybe he was inspired by the Seahawks fan whose prediction came true. Maybe he just thought it would be funny. Maybe he heard about Claude Giroux and sat up from bed screaming “I GOT IT!” Who knows? But I’m totally fine with the Sixers tanking this year now, just to add an extra layer of explaining for this guy in a few years:

“Hey, what’s your ass tattoo say?”

“76ers 2015 NBA Champs”

“Oh, did they win that year?”

“Well, I really thought they would. I at least thought they could. I really believed. #TogetherWeBuild… on my ass.”

“So, did they win?”

“They came in last.”

I really want to know what Embiid thinks of this. Of course, oddsmakers have the Sixers at 500-1 to win the whole thing (the same odds as being Antonio Alfonseca), after they opened up at 200-1, so maybe this dude should have just put his tattoo money down on that.

In other NBA news that I couldn’t fit anywhere else, they really should have sudden death basketball more often. Let’s say… after the second overtime?

h/t reader Zach

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  1. Nestled into the rolling hills of Spring Township, Berks County, Beverly Hills Tavern is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Route 222, on Old Fritztown Road. They have good wings, but even with Jimmy G having bought the place the prices are ridiculous. I couldn’t justify going there more than once a month, at most. However, now that I see this pic, if I ever see this douchecanoe there, I may have to boycott the place. For shame.

  2. Definite K&A material. Also saw him getting butt fucked in an alley around Bridge & Pratt!

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