Here’s the Hat Chase Utley Will Wear During the All-Star Break


From Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas, here’s a look at the Phillies’ All-Star cap, likely to be worn by Chase Utley and Chase Utley only. It looks kiddie and lame and I’m sure it’ll sell well (at least for other teams) prompting the MLB to continue their run of stupid one-off hats that no one really likes. The Orioles one looks great though, because it’s basically already their hat.

Actually, most of them look pretty terrible. Seattle, San Diego, Oakland, Baltimore, and Kansas City look pretty good though.

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28 Responses

  1. Oh yeah! Leave the brim flat and don’t dare remove that sticker for the classic nig look!

  2. Jim, is Chase going to wear the hat throughout the entire All-Star Break? I’d assume he’d only wear it during the game.

  3. So, nothing on the World Cup? I think we might have had a team play recently. The KyleClone is doing a bang up job this week.

    1. Why talk about the biggest sports event on Earth when there’re all these fabulous hats!

      1. Wish I would have been there.

        These 2 tools know as much about soccer as the idiots on 94 and 97.5. Believe me, we are better off not reading any drivel they might write about something they don’t understand.

        Oh, wait, that is almost anything they write about, except hats…..and cocks.

    2. Dude nobody in this town gives a shit about soccer.

      You soccerheads are becoming just as annoying as Flyers fans,who bitch & moan when the local radio stations don’t talk enough about their precious Flyers.

  4. At the end of the day, is Chase Utley really an All-Star? I guess based on the popularity contest that it is, the answer is yes. But he’s having what I would call a slightly above average year for a guy making the coin he makes.

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          1. You all shut the fuck up. Fucking cunts. This site sucks fucking cock and balls. I will still visit the site though. Fuck off, Jim you fucking cunt


  6. I regret the number of pageviews i gave this now POS blog. I hate myself for coming back everyday. Jim sucks.

    1. and how can you say the MAJORITY of people come for the articles when jim nor you has written a thoughtful article in over a week? Less than a paragraph per post, weak effort. Better pay Jim a penny per word or your getting robbed.

      1. Mr. Jimmy is trying very very hard at trying to do his best work stop making fun of little hipster jimmy

  7. Kyle and Jim will take turns butt felching each other while wearing this hat pretending to be Chase. Mr. Utley it would be an honor to suck cum out of your butt with a straw

  8. hey Jim, I hope Kyle’s paying you at least $50,000, ’cause you do more “work” than he does and he claims this rakes in six figures. (yeah okay)

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