I Have a Crush on Henrik Lundqvist

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I’ve mentioned this before, but just look at the way the guy travels: leather jacket, team-colored stitching, layers!, literally perfect scruff, slight tan, ball cap. HE’S SEEING* INTO MY SOUL. Henrik Lundqvist is the most attractive male athlete in sports. Discuss.

*Not looking. SEEING.


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  1. Aaaaand I have officially given up on this blog til at least hockey season.

    You realize this is equivalent to a (true) Eagles fan envying Eli or a (real) Phillies fan loving Harper? Makes me sick

    But I bet at least he finds the new shirt funny.

    1. Get over yourself mother pucker. Enough of this true/real fan nonsense. That’s exactly what the pro leagues want, morons from all the franchise’s markets believing that it is their duty to be loyal to “their” favorite teams. They want to capture your emotions and take you for a ride, grabbing cash from your wallet along the way, providing you nothing in return expect access to artery clogging fried foods at the stadiums and hours of wasted time at home sitting on a couch jacking up the viewership numbers so the big boys can pull in more ad money.

      Kyle, continue the trolling.

      1. Right, and I bet you just watch sports for the display of talent and not worried about the winner?

        Sounds like you should get over yourself bud, considering your on a city-specific sports blog

        Kiss my ass *Torts voice*

        1. Far from a soccer fan actually., although I did go to some Kixx games back in the day. Sports Blogs are just a chance for me to engage in some mindless release from daily life.

          Worry about who win’s? I have no investments in any professional team, why would I “worry” who win’s and loses just because I happen to root for any particular team? It’s all entertainment. It’s fun to go to a game or watch it with a crowd at a city bar on a Saturday, but after the horn sounds, there is no reason to give two shits about who won/lost. I grew out of the obsessed fanatic phase after graduating high school. Idolizing and obsessing w/ athletes/teams is something for children and teenagers. They don’t care about you, why should you care about them?

          1. Any more guys with huge dicks out there? I haven’t been fucked in over an hour and I’m actually starting to tighten back up…

          2. I’d rather be the guy watching sports and rooting for my teams than the guy trolling philly sports blogs to preach about their readers being meaningless

            Just sayin’

  2. Henrik could use some bronzer. Definitely more bronzer to give his skin an orang-ish glow that the ladies just can’t seem to get enough of.

    btw – this site has hit new lows. I may revert to reading philly.com whilst stooling at work.

  3. Kyle, Cristiano Ronaldo is way better looking that Henrik. Have you seen that photo of him in his underwear? You could literally grate cheese on those abs.

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