Jerry Sandusky’s Adopted Son is Going to Talk About Some Terrible Stuff with Oprah

via TMZ
via TMZ

Though Dottie, Jerry Sandusky’s wife, was proclaiming his innocence as recently as a few months ago, his adopted son Matt is about to do the opposite. According to TMZ Sports, Matthew Sandusky sat down with Oprah Winfrey for an interview that will air on her OWN Network July 17th, in which he “[goes] public about the years of sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of the former Penn State Football coach.”

So if you’d like to flip over to OWN at some point in the near future and get super bummed out, now you know when you can do that.


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    1. He might as well have. He was the most powerful person at Penn State. He knew of “allegations”, which turned into an investigation, which miraculously were dropped. With the evidence at the time only someone with real pull could have made that happen. If there was a cover up you can bet it’s because Joe Pa wanted it so. Paterno forced Sandusky out of Penn St because of the sex abuse allegations in 98. But still let him bring kids to the facility showers. Fucking worthless Joe Pa apologists make me sick.

      1. I don’t think anyone truly believes that Paterno was ever involved in a rape, but no one ever so much as jaywalked at State College without his knowledge. So if you think he was oblivious to what was going on you’re being naive. He was old school and this type of abuse was meant to be buried and swept under the rug in his mind.

        1. You’re naive if you think Joe Pa knew that much. He was old school, he was a football coach who was doing his job and trusted the people above him to do their job.

          1. Look at Mikey Miss disguising his name,while defending the legacy of Joe Paterno,who covered it all up at Pedophile State University.

          2. Nice sentence structure bro. You learn that at your high quality college?

      2. Right because a football coach is supposed to go all Sherlock Holmes and start investigating himself after telling the appropriate people about it and then told it was nothing. Please. You would do the same fucking thing you asshole, but nobody reports anything to you because you’re a piece of shit. You make me sick

        1. I make you sick? As you defend a person who was complicit in the rape of children and cover ups of those rapes? Wow, you may want to get that moral compass of yours checked out. I think it’s off some. I think we all know who the appropriate people to notify were in this case, and they weren’t.

          Furthermore, Paterno has covered up countless other crimes for people who either played ball or were part of his program. Everything from “rape of a woman” to drug offenses.

          1. Right, that’s why he was never charged with any of that. You’re clown man

          2. He died before they could charge him. Most legal experts agree he could have, and would have been charged. The luckiest thing he could have happen to him was death.

          3. Doesn’t matter. If you think a man that gave so much to the community around him would cover up for a scumbag like Sandusky you’re delusional.

      3. Your Mother,

        You are so misinformed. Please kindly shut the fuck up and stop perpetuating total BS.

        I still am amazed at how much credit and clout people give 70 + year old paterno when in reality he was just a figurehead holding the program back since the 2000’s at least. He wasn’t as powerful as you all make him out to be and he certainly didn’t meddle in other peoples jobs.

        Your hatred for Paterno goes way past this event or the facts there of. Neglegence? probably, but conspiracy to cover up has no factual basis you dickweeds.

    2. Toss Oprah’s salad right after she finished taking a dump.


  1. I heard Oprah was in ESPN’s body issue but they got confused and put it in National Geographic

  2. Whoever goes to Penn State or went to it, is a loser. I rather root for Villanova than Penn State. That’s saying something.

    1. So anyone that goes/went to Penn State is a loser because of a scandal, albeit a horrible one, that they had nothing to do with nor no knowledge of? Right, makes sense. If you’re going to write a terribly idiotic comment, at least do so while attempting to be humorous.

  3. Matt Sandusky is full of shit. He’s after attention and money. He was never molested or anything. He’s such a piece of shit fucking liar.

  4. If you’ve never tried spaghetti with chocolate syrup, you haven’t lived.

  5. The regular commenters on this blog are some of the most ignorant, clueless deprived people I have ever heard.

    Crossing broad comments are typically worse than Youtube. I get how some people are just trying to be funny with how ridiculously brash they are, but none of you are in the least bit humorous.

    The next time you are about to click “Post Comment”, just don’t. Alt+F4 and go walk into a lake

  6. So I take it you’re a famous humorist who reads The New Yorker in a smoking jacket while chuckling politely at the illustrations? Or maybe you are just a sanctimonious assbag? No one cares about your delicate sensibilities here, sunshine.

  7. Louis Freeh was brought in to clean up all this PSU Pedo Scandal. It’s never just one guy. Bill Conlin, Rick Santorum etc etc.
    Google the Franklin Scandal. all roads lead to Wash DC

    1. PSU scandal is a poor statement in itself. This was a SECOND MILE FOUNDATION SCANDAL where top level politicians, CYS, DPW, all were getting their pockets lined by Sandusky and the foundation. When all these organizations who are paid GOOD money by taxpayers to protect the children of this state turn a blind eye to allegations against Sandusky and continue to let him adopt children following no protocols for adoption, the repercussions should fall on them. Luckily, for Corbett and others, there was Joe PA and Penn State University to fall on the grenade. When in reality the state of PA was well aware of the allegations but didn’t want to turn off the money spigot. It always goes back to scumbag politicians like Tom Corbett. The only hope is the Feds will blow the top off this but I doubt it as the foundation responsible for all this shut down mere days after the accusation and tried to diffuse the million of dollars that they had.

    2. I got paid 6 million dollars to lie through my teeth to protect scumbags like Tom Corbett, Kenneth Frazier (CEO of MERCK, PSU Board of Trustees, bigoted racist) , and John Surma (former CEO of US STEEL, PSU BOT). All these major corporation scumbags hired Freeh to bury PSU to protect their interests and the money THEY were exchanging with the SECOND MILE FOUNDATION.

  8. is that Sandusky raped kids, Joe Pa obviously didn’t do enough (which is to go to the police or kill Sandusky himself), got fired, died, and Sandusky now gets buttraped in prison. That’s the story and legacy of PSU and Paterno. Clearly it hasn’t changed in the years since this story broke. Alumni can be butthurt all you want about it, but thats how it is.

    1. Yeah, except that time Joe arranged for Big Red to meet with Curley & Schultz (PSU Police) after Red reported it to him.
      Oh wait, that was all part of the grand cover-up right.
      This entire scandal is/was a sham.

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