Joe Posnanski Spit-Roasts Ruben Amaro

Photo: St. Pete Beach Photo
Photo: St. Pete Beach Photo

Well, not really. But I’d love to see Rube cooked rotisserie-style ‘neath a powerful heat source. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Joe Posnanski, writing for NBC Sports:

Some years ago, I named particularly terrible baseball contracts “Ricciardis” after former Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi, who seemed particularly skilled at giving them out. However, in retrospect, I may have been unduly harsh toward Ricciardi. What Ruben Amaro has done in Philadelphia deserves its own place in the Bad Contract Hall of Fame.

Then again, take all nine of these player together (Howard, Lee, Utley, Hamels, Papelbon, Burnett, Byrd, Ruiz and AA pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez) and they make almost $50 million more dollars than the entire Oakland Athletics roster — this without a shortstop, center fielder, third baseman, lead-off hitter or much of anything else.

Amaro wanted to hold on. It’s a natural instinct. And it’s a destructive one. It never fails to amaze how obtuse Major League general managers can be about things seemingly as obvious as aging. Now, the Phillies are terrible, they are old, they have not developed a useful young player for themselves in about a decade, and Baseball America has ranked their minor league system 22nd, 23rd and 27th the last three years.

Where is it? There it is:

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Full thing from Posnanski here. Reasonable chance it will make you cry.


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  1. i get that the As have a lower salary than most clubs, and they were subject of a movie, but they havent won dick. that money ball shit is from like 2001. stop using them as an example.

    1. First of all, Billy Beane is still the GM of the A’s, despite that Money Ball [sic.] shit being from 2001. Secondly, the reasons the A’s are mentioned is because of their ability to do a little with a lot. They consistently are able to turn over their rosters and be competitive.

  2. not saying i dont think sabr metrics is a good idea, but the As havent won shit!

    1. Kudos to johnmatrix for pulling off the elusive triple negative!

      Also, this website has gone to shit.

  3. Posnanski is a Joe Paterno apologist and therefore I take nothing he says or writes seriously.

    1. So since Posnanski wrote a biography on Joe Paterno he loses all credibility? Being a PSU hater I know you haven’t even read the book but you somehow know its a white wash piece (it isn’t). Clearly I made a mistake for taking you seriously for five seconds.

  4. Where was this article in 2009 you fucking faggot?

    Bash David Murphy a little more you cum guzzling queer, he called this shit over four years ago. You have no credibility as a sports journalist, which actually works well in a town run by two sports talk stations that resemble TMZ more than ESPN, which says A LOT.

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