Kid Posts Remarkably Creepy Date Request To Molly Sullivan on YouTube

Don’t go, Molly. Don’t go! We like you in one piece, not 6,000 indistinguishable slivers stuffed into a freezer somewhere.

We’ll miss you, Molly.

H/T to reader Mike


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  1. Molly must like that egg roll dick. Guarantee they fuck. She will question if he is in yet and he will reply that he came already. I bet he eats her pussy out and she squirts everywhere. She will probably sit on his face as well.

    1. Remember last night when you stuck me in your asshole? While you were stroking your 1 inch pecker? If only your cock was as big as an egg roll maybe you wouldn’t resort to sticking veggies in your asshole. It’s cool man I enjoyed it besides having a little bit of shit on me. FAGGOT HAHAHHAA

  2. I am dying. This larry has some balls. It obviously won’t work because he is gay as a mazda miata, but maybe he will accept being friendzoned. Good Luck Charlie!

  3. I think Molly Sullivan & her big fucking Tities are going to nip that request in the butt

  4. You can tell what story’s aren’t stolen and copied and pasted on here because when Kyle does write something of his own it blows.

    Deadspin had pictures of Brazilians crying yesterday by the way thief

      1. Exactly. Any name I need to waste time Googling means I don’t give a fuck.

  5. More like “Kid Posts Remarkably Ballsy Date Request To Molly Sullivan on YouTube.”

    Unlike all of you fucking trolls he put himself out there & it paid off in the form of a date w/ gorgeous woman.

    Good for him.

    1. The headline should read “weirdo public ally pressures woman into date” if you think this is smooth you are probably spending too much time here. What are the odds she has ANY interest in this kid? Public ally pressuring “celebrities ” is lame. Why not ask justin timberlake to your prom? In sure he’ll have a blast. Sending tweets like this is just lame.

  6. Although I’d def throw that gash some of my massive 5 incher, Id never want to actually have a conversation with her. The face that this kid is only looking to hear her shitty stories means that he is either a gay or planning an elaborate rape. RUN BITCH RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

    1. Except for the fact your mom will be harvesting Lin’s sperm with her ballon knot. Shell probably then let the whole team go raw dog in the vag so hopefully she can have a better Kid then you.

      1. Neither of you cunts are me you fucking pussies. Go suck jims dick as he blogs about dumb shit or go watch kyle play fifa and lose nil-222222 bc he is a cunt fuck

        1. I feel like I’m talking to myself here. I wouldn’t mind fucking myself with a cucumber it reminds me of a big black juicy cock. 8====D~~~ O8 I’m so gay for black cocks mmmmmmmmmm

  7. This kid might have a shot.
    I’ve been seeing a lot of hot Caucasian chicks with all these blacks, Asians & even Indians guys lately.

  8. After googling her, shes overated. Got some whoooorse teeth and a huge FUCKING FOREHEAD!

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