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Les Bowen read something he didn’t like on the interwebs today. Again. As per the usual, angry beat writer fights modern web practices stories are best told via embeddable widget. To the Storify machine!

[If the Storify doesn’t load after a second, click here for a copy.]



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    1. Because he’s a liberal… All liberals are angry at the world and have something to complain about. Sad way to live

      1. I must also include ALL conservatives group people in certain boxes, then claim everyone in that box lives exactly like one another. We think that because that is what we do. I repeat Hannity a lot, like i did above. All conservatives do that. See how stupid it is? Sad way to live.

      1. Yo Kyle! Thanks for the tip on Bleeding Green Nation. I’ve been looking for a good source for Philly sports news. Imagine, a whole blog filled with insight and original articles. Why has nobody thought of this before?!?!

  1. Fucking Blogs suck. I can’t get my son Kyle to come massage my bunions anymore while I do Jagerbombs in bed.

  2. dumb brown an the mendoza lines’ comment is the best by far! Maybe Hexy can play goalie for the Eagles, eh, Les??

  3. Kyle,
    I don’t think this is old beat reporter on blogger crime. I actually like Les’ response to Florio.

  4. Les is such a crotchety old man who is way past his prime as a beat writer. Mclane and Kapadia continue to prove that more every year. Nothing but an angry, liberal asshole.

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