Ottawa PD: Hands Where We Can’t See ‘Em T-Shirts Now Available


(Yeah)… Doing a buck in the latest drop
I got stopped by a lady guy cop
Ha Ha… she got me thinking I can date a cop
Ha Ha… cause her his uniform pants are so tight
She read me my rights
She put me in the car, she cut off all the lights
She said I had the right to remain silent
Now I got her him hollering sounding like a siren
Talkin’ bout…
Wee Ooh Wee Ooh Wee (Yeah),
Wee Ooh Wee Ooh Wee (Yeah),
Wee Ooh Wee Ooh Wee (Yeah)

And with that, the great lyricist Lil Wayne almost perfectly described our captain’s encounter with a male Ottawa Police officer earlier this month. G felt the law and the law won. And if you thought we weren’t going to memorialize it on a t-shirt, you’re nuts. Introducing Ottawa Police: Hands Where We Can’t See ‘Em!

Ottawa PD is printed on heather grey high-quality ringspun cotton, and it comes in soft ladies v-neck for all you Mrs. Officers out there who would love to be so lucky. Get one. And remember, always keep your hands where only G can see ’em.





30 Responses

    1. this, so this…someone should make a shirt with kyle on jet skis wearing a leather jacket.

      this is the worst shirt yet…officially.

  1. This shirt is not your best. Actually, it might be your worst. Just lacks creativity and humor

  2. Enough with the stupid fuckin witty tshirts. aside from the snow bowl sweater they all blow

  3. Ha-Ha! Yes, Yes! Its funny because you no see his hands!

    can anyone recommend a blog to pass time at work?

    1. Yeah because Kyle wasn’t trying to hock a bunch of shitty t-shirts before Jim started here. You fucking ignoramus.

  4. Every shirt that you make I think… “This is it, this is the worst one hes going to make”

    And then you just keep producing just pure shit.

  5. You couldn’t make s shirt with Molly gaping twat?????

  6. Over/Under on number of these lame shirts being sold …I’m going with 30. Yes, I believe there are 30 morons out there that might buy one of these.

    Any male seen wearing one deserves a punch in the face.

  7. This is terrible. Jyle must be desperate for income at this point. Sad thing is, there have been opportunities to make money on shirts pertaining to sporting events this summer, but you just flat out refused to cover them. Now, like two weeks after the story broke (and two weeks after any interest in the story faded) you bring this out. Did you find out you owe someone money and need cash fast? I feel bad for Jyle anymore.

  8. Is it April 1? This POS shirt idea is still better than that lame attempt at an April fools joke.

    This site officially sucks now. Coincides with Jim’s arrival. That unfunny, unwitty hipster wannabe must’ve come cheap. Theres no other explanation for why you employ his weak ass.

  9. Wow this is terrible. Please stop with the shitty T-shirts. If you focused more on actual sports instead of athletes dicks and half assed T shirts this site wouldn’t be so awful lately

    1. I can’t see anyone buying a single one of these shitty things. They’ll be handing them out for free to all the illegal immigrants crossing the border.

  10. I have to agree with most of the comments. This looks like a t-shirt you’d see on the Wildwood boardwalk. I can picture it hanging in a storefront in 2020 along with all the other dated shirts no one bought: Where’s the Beef, Come At Me Bro, Who Let the Dogs Out, and maybe a Spuds MacKenzie or Big Johnson shirt.

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