Prepare Yourself for the Phillies to Not Do Anything

Voila_Capture 2014-06-05_12-59-32_PMI know how this works. I write that headline and this post and, an hour from now, Ruben Amaro trades Chase Utley, Cliff Lee and, inexplicably, Ryan Howard. Then the people who hate me on Twitter troll me. Then I shake my damn head. And then the people who troll me go upstairs to eat the sandwiches their mothers prepared for them (turkey and cheese today, sweeties!). I’ve seen this show before.


But Todd Zolecki is reporting that the Phillies likely won’t trade Cole Hamels (I’m actually OK with this because, with some luck, the Phils could be good again before Hamels retires), and maybe not Lee, Papelbon or Byrd:

Do not expect Cole Hamels to be traded before Thursday’s non-waiver trade deadline.

There has been plenty of speculation recently about his availability, but sources told on Tuesday that the Phillies have had no substantive talks with any team about him. That includes the Dodgers. There are multiple reports that the Dodgers and Phillies have been in contact recently, and the Phillies have requested the Dodgers’ top three prospects to make a deal.

But one source said the Phillies have made no such requests because the two teams have not talked that in depth.

A source said the Phillies haven’t gotten particularly close to the finish line in any trade discussions. They have numerous players available, including Cliff Lee, Jonathan Papelbon, Marlon Byrd, A.J. Burnett and Antonio Bastardo, but some teams believe Ruben Amaro Jr. is under pressure to deal and ultimately will sell low to make a trade. They seem to be waiting for Amaro to cave.

Gah. Between this and Rube telling the WIP Morning Show yesterday that, yeah, there’s the offseason, too, I’m sort of nervous that no one gets moved and the Phillies acquire exactly… carry the 2… no prospects. Then again, maybe waiting until the offseason means waiting until Ruben Amaro is fired (please oh dear lawdy), when a new GM, presumably one with a fundamental grasp on the differences between plate appearances and at-bats, is at the helm. Otherwise, we wind up with Tyson Gillies part doh!

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13 Responses

  1. This is a sports story…..I thought I was visiting CrossingBroad; I must have been redirected to another site.

      1. I saw it.

        Not only don’t the “Mom’s basement” jabs not pertain to me, they aren’t that funny anymore.

  2. “And then the people who troll me go upstairs to eat the sandwiches their mothers prepared for them (turkey and cheese today, sweeties!)”

    Funny coming from a guy who wrote this post in his parents’ beach house.

  3. Prepare to see the same exact team next year, with the same $180 million payroll, with the same last place finish, while Ruben is still “evaluating” his team and what to do next.

  4. I love all of the trade rumors that circulate this time of year. There’s always some WIPtard who calls in saying the Phillies should package Kendrick, Bastardo, and Ruiz to the Angels for Mike Trout. In fact, any time someone proposes a trade that involves the word “package,” it’s bound to be entertaining.

    And some of the “real” trade rumors are just as good. I saw one in USA Today yesterday that the Phillies could trade Hamels, Howard, and Papelbon to the Dodgers, then sign Max Scherzer / Jon Lester and Hanley Ramírez in the off-season to immediately put themselves back into the thick of things next year.

  5. I think you’ll see a few moves next month after the non-waiver deadline passes, for those cool people who understand how the waiver system works

  6. The real fault of Amaro is handing out vesting options. He is limiting his own ability to trade aging veterans. No one is going to take on those bad contracts he has lazily doled out.

    Marlon Byrd – $8m Vesting Option
    AJ Burnett – $7.5m player option
    Jimmy Rollins – $11m Vesting Option
    Chase Utley – $15m vesting option 2016-2018

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