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From Doc, who may seriously be very drunk right now [compiled from a series of Tweets, with mild edits for readability]:

I struggle writing this due to the privacy of a man of integrity and the definition of a baseball player. In the video room in the stadium you will find a row of heart and hustle trophies with Chase’s name. Not because somebody chose to display them but rather a junk drawer of sorts for a man who although appreciates the honor and plays the game for all the right reasons! Not to be seen or heard or for attention. No look at me see how or any of the me-first mentality taking over all parts of baseball, sports, etc. One of my greatest honors was putting my heart and hustle trophy alongside the definition of the award. There must be one on every team. I’ve seen two in my life: Scott Rolen, and most of all, Chase Utley! The award has lost meaning. It’s normally given to the guy having the best year. But if you could somehow measure that in a man, Chase is run away from the pack! What’s really sad is some are busy patting themselves on the back and missing what a true baseball player is! I kid you not when he talked to me on the field I got goosebumps every time! Please encourage your friends, family, most of all your kids to be like chase! #26&chooch!

I have no words. Only tears.

UPDATE: As reader John points out, it’s entirely possible Roy Halladay misread the Chase Headley trade, which would make this all the more adorable:

UPDATE 2: It was in response to Chase winning his fifth Phillies Heart and Hustle Award.


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  1. i love watching chase play the game of baseball. he’s like pete rose without the gambling addiction, sex addiction and “look at me” addiction. i would like to see chase retire as a philly.

  2. Maybe you should read some sports news. I think he posted it because Chase won the heart and hustle award for the Phillies this year.

    1. Ding ding ding. We have a winner! Where should CB deliver the washer and dryer?

  3. This is not a man who thinks his buddy Chase got traded to a team with a shot of winning at all. Nowhere does he say anything about a trade. I think he just misses his Chasey Waisey Poo!

    Disclaimer: ( I did not read the tweets, only this article)

  4. Can this stupid man crush just end? It was tolerable when It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia did it. Crossing Broad just comes off so creepy with it. Like yea, everyone knows Chase Utley exudes cool, but Jesus, you make it seem like you would suck him off in a second. Get a hold of yourselves Kyle and Jim (if you are a real person, that is). You come off like that one guy in the bro group who goes too far with things. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being gay or bi, but come out and say it already because all the shit you guy(s) write about Utley could probably warrant a TRO from the courts.

  5. “you make it seem like you would suck him off in a second. ”

    I don’t think Kyle is “making it seem like” he would. There’s no doubt that he absolutely would.

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