Ruben Amaro Has Finally Acknowledged How God Awful His Team Is

All it took was three straight losses, one win in a week and a 3-13 stretch for Ruben Amaro to acknowledge how piss poor his team is. Instead of the usual verbal softies about how he needs to evaluate where they’re at, why these guys need to play better, and avoiding the obvious fact that Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins and Cliff Lee can in fact waive no-trade options, the little pecker (once the Big Poker) has finally said something that makes sense. Speaking to reporters last night, via CBS Philly, where the page will refresh if you leave it open for too long so CBS can count bogus page views and scam advertisers and the industry as a whole:

“It’s disappointing, particularly the offense,” Amaro said. “What more can you say other than we’re not swinging the bats very well. I didn’t anticipate our guys being this poor. Because they are. They are this poor.”

They are this poor. We can blame Dom Brown for sucking, or blame Ryan Howard for never getting any better, or Jimmy Rollins for being stubborn, but those are all natural things. The real blame, for the players being this poor, lies with Ruben, who assembled a team that EVERYONE ELSE knew would suck. But at least Rube finally acknowledged that fact, that they suck… before placing the blame on those very same sucky players:

“We think that they’re better. But they haven’t shown it. So at some point we’re going to have to make some changes. Some guys, once they are ready to play, may be factors for us.”

The simple fact is that, no, Ruben, they’re not better. Years of advanced statistical data could’ve told you this if you didn’t give that SABR intern-turned-employee the basement office next to Storage B. That guy, presumably, knew what he was talking about.

Unrelated to any of this– fun article about the Phillies’ fancy lineup cards.


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  1. I want them to sell so bad, but I fear that this putz will get nothing back but another handful of garbage.


    1. Yeah, that’s the biggest problem for this team. .300 Monty won’t fire him, and he will get nothing in return for anyone. My guess is that Marlon Byrd would get as much for us as anyone else, but Ruin would probably get a double-A pitcher on his way to Tommy Johns-ville.

      1. Please don’t try to bring queer nicknames (Ruin/ 300 monty) over here from .

        Thanks for your cooperation with this matter.

        1. Thank you for this comment sir, as I was about to say the same thing. Particularly “Ruin Tommorow Jr” is super gay and I’d like to give its noodle ass “I think I’m so clever, I should have been a jeans and sport coat comic in the 80s. get it! It’s a play on words! It rhymes!” creator a wedgy, then set him on fire.

  2. You just snitched on CBS Philly for doing the same thing that basically all traditional media does almost as hard as the Phillies snitched on those college kids for doing the same thing that all college athletes have been doing for 30 years. That could get awk if they try to buy Crossing Broad to compete with the wholly underwhelming CSN Philly/700 Level media incest.

  3. These survey questions are out of control. They never stop and especially when using an iPad. At least Jim hasn’t posted much crap now that Kyle is back

      1. I get here following links from the RSS feed. Never get the survey. Worth a try…

  4. I was reading Amaro’s comments this morning and noticed how many times he was referring to the team as “they” instead of “we” (although he did say “we’re not swinging the bats well”). Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but it sounded like he was subtly distancing himself from the players and thus giving himself someone to blame.

    What’s the over / under on when they make the hitting coach the scapegoat?

  5. I didn’t hear about RBJ’s comments until after the game last night. During the game, Moyer pointed out that Howard kept his hands lower and closer to his chest (kind of like Utley). It’s an interesting coincidence, and Howard picked up his 3rd RBI in like 15 games.

  6. Kyle – you left out the best part! How he talks about changes are coming then goes on to mention Ruff and Galvis. GALVIS!! The guy that was batting like 080 and had the worst WAR in all of baseball. Those are the changes?? This guy is fucking clueless, I hope the phils lose 30 out of the next 35 and hopefully RAJ gets shit canned.

  7. Good Rube, it only took your team winning 3 times in a month and dropping to 12 games below .500 for you to finally realize that you might need to make some changes to the team. I guess you are done “evaluating” where your team is at. I hate this team and organization so much. The funniest part about this nightmare is that Ruben and Monty talk about how they can’t be bad for 5 years and rebuild because we the fans wouldn’t accept that. What they are too dumb to realize is that they are already in the middle of year 3 of being bad and sucking. I guess these past 3 years don’t count, it is only the next 5 years they are talking about.

  8. Hey Kyle,

    I’m starting to worry Ruben may deconstruct the team and pick poor prospects in return. In case he’s somehow here 2-3 years from now I suggest in small way you make it easier to read and document how awful he is. Maybe a sidebar with the 303+ reasons as to why he has to go with its entire focus on Ruben. You can further document future screw ups until he finally exits the team on this “sidebar”.

  9. The only person in Philadelphia who is worse than RAJ at his job has to be that bald ebonics PitBull wannabe, Sean Brace. If anybody has somebody worse, please post.

    1. Hahahaha, did everybody hear on their show yesterday Brace talking about how he is moving?! The question is though will he still be living in Manayunk and is the roommate going with him?!

    2. I was going to say Phil from Mt Airy, but then I realized that the correct answer is “everyone from The Fanatic”

  10. Howard is fucking terrible and I’m sick of the fanook announcers talking about his past injuries. Hit the fucking video room, you mope. Try dropping a grounder to the left side of the mound when you see the shift, which is every time your fat ass is up at the plate.

  11. Ruben? What is he a sandwich or sumptin? Tsss….tss….. double corn beefs motha fucker.

      1. Why don’t you get some watah, or sumptin’. Or did the mafia get you again? Double references, cock suckah.

  12. Every word out of his mouth is BULLSHIT. He will do NOTHING by the trade deadline and then tell the baaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sheep that “We weren’t going to get back value”. So enjoy the rest of the year with Dom fucking Brown looking like Lupus is LF and swinging at pitches THAT LAND IN FRONT OF THE PLATE, Ben fucking Revere throwing the ball a MAXIMUM of 29 feet, Ryan fucking Howard continuing his assault on 225 strikeouts, the bullpen pitching to a 6.00+ ERA, Hamels winning 7 games total, not being able to name ONE catcher on the roster and Chase’s average continuing to drop.
    I hate this fucking team–thanks Rube you asshole.

  13. all da neeeds is a firstbaseman ans a shostop ans a third basemans ans too outfieldes an thays be alright ya hear me barkans

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