UPDATE: Ruben Amaro Told Papelbon the Phillies Will “Continue to Compete,” Lied

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CONTINUE. The Phillies will CONTINUE to compete? The Phillies are on pace for a 70-win season. Four closers in the National League have more saves than Papelbon has save opportunities. And not only am I supposed to believe Ruben said these things to Papelbon, but I’m supposed to believe he was cool with it and totally didn’t flip his shit? That’s the second most ridiculous thing to happen with the Phillies today. The first, of course, is that nothing happened.

UPDATE: Ruben was also surprised people weren’t banging down his door for aging players with terrible contracts:


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  1. surprised nobody wanted ur overpaid, underperforming geezers? wow…….. his stupidity just has no ceiling.

  2. The Boob is delusional. He won’t admit that the roster he assembled is a piece of shit, loaded down with overpriced contracts – even when other GMs pointedly ignore the trash he is peddling! They were being as obvious as they could be, but the Moron doesn’t see it. He believes 15 games under .500 in August is “competing.” That alone should get him fired.

  3. Well when the “rumors” are that all of your (underperforming, overpaid, and over the hill) available players will cost an arm and a leg….most teams will pass you over and see what else is out there……

    Also, shitty recent play from Burnett, Bastardo, and Lee doesn’t help things either.

    What doesn’t RAJ understand about this game…he has a terrible hand and is still trying to bluff other teams.

  4. Fuck Monty. He is fully to blame for this, with his idiotic hiring of Amaro.

  5. The Phillies organization is like that car crash on the side of the road that you just cant help but slow down and watch as you drive by!

  6. Say it ain’t so, Joe. Say it ain’t so. Looks like Lee will be going to the Zoo with Roy. Maybe Cliff can get his pilot license.

  7. These twats are waiting for the TV money to kick in so they can buy a contending team through free agency. Unfortunately, like with everything else in modern baseball, this insanely idiotic ownership/front office group of blue blood turds don’t understand that this is not 1980, 1990, or even 2000. Not too many good players make it to free agency anymore. So be prepared to see a lineup including the skeletons of Utley & Howard for another 5 years, because Rube has also given away the cream of our consistently bottom of the barrel farm system along with all of his other moronic mistakes.

  8. Billy Beane with his $50 million dollar budget, makes the Phillies
    management look grossly incompetent or criminally compromised.

  9. And I’ll take with me the memories
    To be my sunshine after the rain
    It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.



  10. Poor Ruben is a desperate man. He is now just running off at the mouth and saying the first thing he can think of. Hell, even his pal Ricky Ricardo, who used to defend him and say he was a great general manager, is hard pressed to come up with excuses. He is just running scared at this point. The problem with Lee’s arm is just another example of why signing pitchers to anything beyond a three year contract is insane. Almost everyone gets their rear bitten by this.

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