At this point it’s just a countdown until they try to make a hat out of actual bacon: The Iron Pigs — who seem more like a marketing group than a baseball team — have thought of a way to celebrate bacon and have fun without even having to play baseball. On September 20th at Coca-Cola Park, the Iron Pigs will host the Bacon and Brews Bash, a beer and bacon festival without any of that silly baseball getting in the way.

For just $40, you can get four hours of “unlimited beer tastings, lots of vendors offering their best bacon oriented food items and live entertainment.” It all goes down just one day after the Iron Pigs’ Bacon 5K Challenge where “fit” people will run 2.5 kilomeeters, stop, eat a half pound of bacon, and then run the remaining 2.5 kilometers. So, if you’re doing the 5K on Friday, Saturday’s Bacon and Brews Bash could be a nice way to wind the weekend down because you are probably a monster.