The Phillie Phanatic Looks Very Strange in a T-Shirt

via Uni-Watch
via Uni-Watch

Yesterday, as is tradition at the All-Star festivities, all of the MLB mascots posed for a group picture. For some reason, the Phillie Phanatic was wearing a t-shirt and that makes me very uncomfortable. Last year’s group picture had the Phanatic wearing his usual jersey, so what happened this year? Did he spill something on it? I have no idea, but the his neckline was not meant for t-shirt wearing, and he just looks so bummed to be squeezed into that tee. It’s like seeing a teacher outside of school for the first time. Plus, I am made extra uncomfortable by that thousand-yard stare-and-smile combo that the Reds’ lady-mascot is throwing our way. I’m getting a real strong Annabelle vibe from her and I don’t like it. Mr. Met seems into it though.


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  1. One night Mr. Met was behind me for an extended period of time and i had that same look on my face.

  2. Cleveland being Cleveland with Barney and Big Bird’s bastard son as their mascot.

    But at least they’ve got King James back!!!!

  3. The Phanatic wouldn’t have looked so squeezed into the picture if the Brewer’s mascot wasn’t crowding the space.
    As for the shirt… I agree.. his shirt isn’t him at all. Last I checked, we weren’t due to get the games next year, so maybe he was filming a commercial? I know last year, Visa and StandUp2Cancer had the Phanatic and Mr Met film a commercial and it was done during All Star week, I think. (Though I could be wrong, because I’m still in need of my morning coffee.)

  4. The only one i can’t figure out is that crazy looking blue fella directly in front of the Phanatic… who is that?
    Also, the D-backs have a bobcat (puma/mountain lion/house cat) as their mascot?

    1. Oh, never mind. You’re taking about the Rays mascot. I have no idea what it’s supposed to be, though.

  5. The mascot for the Orioles looks like it is ready to shoot itself and Detroit’s looks like a ripoff of Tony the Tiger.

  6. Hey! Why isn’t Cleveland’s mascot some kind of cartoon-ey Red Sk— errr, I mean Native American?

    Oh, wait….

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