The Phillies are Reportedly Telling Teams That Cole Hamels Isn’t Going Anywhere

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One down, everyone else to go … or … stay. For his part, Ruben Amaro said today that no one is “untouchable,” and he now has nine days to prove that.


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    1. I’ve always wondered how these stupid nicknames like Buster, Skip, Bud, Sonny, etc. came about. So weird, just use your real name you freak.

  1. Rube will move Byrd for some AA reliever that will never crack the bigs and claim the market wasn’t fluid enough to move anyone else.

  2. I’m alright with Ruben moving just about anyone else but not Cole. He won’t get anything for them, but none of the pieces he would move would be all that valuable to the team in the future anyway. But Hamels would. He shouldn’t go anywhere unless and until Ruben is fired.

    1. Please explain how this franchise benefits more by retaining an ace than they would by acquiring young prospects for said ace while his value is still high.

      1. Easy. Cole Hamels is a bonafide ace. The idiot in charge of evaluating any prospects you would get in a trade is Ruben Amaro.

      2. My point is that I have 0 confidence in Ruben Amaro to acquire anything resembling future MLB players in a trade.

        I would hope the Phillies would be on their way back to contention in 3 years. And Hamels would help you then. So I believe holding onto him is better for the team than allowing RAJ to trade him for the bums he would receive.

  3. The Phillies will rebound,and make the world series okay okay.

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  5. Just trade Hamels already. The Phillies window for contention won’t open for another 3-5 years and by then Hamels may not be worth it anymore. Trade Hamels, Lee, Utley, Rollins and Byrd and blow the damn thing up. Gotta hit rock bottom.

  6. I don’t always give a larbage; but when i do, I throw out my garbage.

  7. Hamels is going somewhere home to fuck his big titty wife on a pile of money

  8. The Phillies are moving very few players. The problems are numerous, from the Phillies demands for prospects, the unwieldily contracts with vesting options and the no trade clauses. No team wants to give the Phillies what Cole is actually worth even if it might get them far in the playoffs. They would rather keep their three top rated prospects and hope the next Mike Trout is among them.

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