The Pirates Want A.J. Burnett Back

Photo Credit: Eileen Blass-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Eileen Blass-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like even if Ruben Amaro is still evaluating and hesitant to selling, that won’t stop the rumors and “inside sources”: According to MLB Daily Dish, quoting a source with “knowledge of the situation,” A.J. Burnett will likely be a Pirate once again before July 31st.

Burnett is 5-7 with a 3.89 ERA in seventeen starts for the Phillies this year, but that ERA would be the second-best among the Pirates’ regular rotation. Plus, maybe they just miss him, he seems likable. The Daily Dish continued, saying “though Burnett can block trades to 21 major league teams, major league sources indicate that the Pirates are one of the nine teams on his ‘acceptable assignment’ list,” so maybe he misses them too.

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10 Responses

  1. you hear me on the radio? Get use to it cauz im taking over this jawn.

    Haters b hatin but all b doin is makin that paper.

    All my haters – keep the love coming.

    1. I can never tell if this is the real Sean Brace…the impression is just that good!

  2. Not sure he’d even be worth dealing…they wouldn’t give up much for him…I’d say try to pawn Dom Brown off on them but their outfield is STACKED.

    1. Lol……. That’s funny. I could get more of a return on a used pair of socks at this point.

      1. I’d give them AJ Burnett for nothing if they took Dom Brown and 5 mill of Howards contract.

  3. It usually is Sean Brace as he looks at the message boards everyday. He pretends like it dosent bother him but it really does. But if he acted like he cared, it would be 10x worse.

    Either way, he is still a hammer.

      1. Jon Marks here. Did you know I was getting married. He so special, she so special.

  4. They can fucking have him for a bag of balls and some pine tar.
    Phuck you Rube.

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