This Year’s Home Run Derby Will be Different, the Same

This year’s Home Run Derby, which unlike the Slam Dunk Contest falls firmly into the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” camp, will be a little different. According to Awful Announcing:

“A new format will be used for this year’s Home Run Derby. 10 hitters, five from each league, will compete in round one. Three from each will advance, with the top in both the AL and NL getting a second round bye. From there, the six remaining sluggers will play a knockout format until there’s a winner. They’ve also lowered the number of outs to seven in each round.”

ESPN producer Scott Matthews told Awful Announcing that the 1-on-1 aspect of it reminded him of the old Home Run Derby TV show from the 60s, though we assume this one will have fewer ads for cigarettes.

In additional All-Star break news, the Celebrity Softball Game (which took place last night) featured Jim Thome in a Twins cap and The Middle actor — and West Chester native — Charlie McDermott in a Phils hat. The Mid-Summer Classic.


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  1. they should have t mac in the outfield shagin flys ooh an landmine said outfield

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