Tim Panaccio Had a Ridiculous Take on Claude Giroux’s Arrest

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This is a reason why I’m upset I was away for Claude Giroux’s copping a feel– I couldn’t see the hilarious overreactions by the likes of Tim Panaccio and his beat-writing weirdo friends.

Sure, we’re learning that Giroux is a bit of a knucklehead, but his arrest for not being able to resist the no doubt tightly-formed derriere of a male Ottawa police officer amounts to little more than a 26-year-old millionaire acting with the sort of entitlement and the-ass-is-my-oyster mindset that 26-year-old millionaires are known to act with. It happens. It says a little about Giroux as a person, but not much. Mostly it just says that he’s an ass man. And that’s cool, because many of us are. I know I am. Idda grabbed that thing, squeezed and twisted if it was as enticing as it sounds like it was.

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Butt G’s crack addiction has, predictably, pulled Panaccio away from his wine and provided the much-needed fodder for him to write something completely ridiculous about Giroux and his leadership skills. Travis Hughes of Broad Street Hockey performed an excellent takedown of Panaccio’s drivel – the sort of thing I wish I’d written, or was in the country to write, and I highly suggest you go read it – but here’s a highlight from Panotch’s absurdity:

The Flyers – and that means Ed Snider, Paul Holmgren, Ron Hextall and Craig Berube need to have a heart-to-heart talk with their young captain, Claude Giroux.

Going into a bar and pinching police officers’ butts doesn’t cut it for a captain. It’s unprofessional behavior.

He got arrested but not charged. And no charges appear forthcoming. He caught a break.

This entire thing might be overlooked had the Flyers won the Stanley Cup and everyone was celebrating somewhere when this happened, but this is July and the Flyers were eliminated months ago and there was nothing to celebrate on the day free agency opened, especially, given the Flyers salary cap situation.

This stands out.

Two summers in succession Giroux has gone to Ottawa – he’s from nearby Hearst – and the news coming out has been all bad.

Forgetting the fact that Hearst is nowhere near Ottawa – as mapped by Hughes – and that July 1, the day Giroux was arrested, was Canada Day, Panaccio, a world-class Giroux antagonizer, is acting like Giroux keeps getting caught up in gang shootings every time he dares to enter Ottawa. Not quite. G’s merely been the victim of using graphite shafts and his own Canadian heritage. The latter will impact the Flyers not at all next season, and when it doesn’t, Panaccio, should he still be with CSN, will no doubt be there to write about Giroux’s growth from drunken idiot to mature leader and back again… which, in case you keep score at home like I do, is something we’ve seen before.

Try not to get whiplash from Panaccio’s aggressive wavering on G and his leadership skills (just a sampling):

Panaccio, January 10, 2012:

One revelation from HBOs 247 that came to light recently was how vocal Claude Giroux has become on the ice as team leader.

His coach, Peter Laviolette, said Giroux has always been a chatterbox.

His teammates, however, say when he talks now, he speaks with authority as an elite player and a serious candidate for the Hart Trophy, as well as the Art Ross, as the NHLs leading scorer.

Indeed, with Mike Richards gone, Giroux is now the voice in the room as the teams rising star and on-ice warrior.

PanaccioOctober 18, 2013:

The Flyers have miles to go. I am a bit concerned with team captain Claude Giruox’s comments today that it’s “not just” him in the room doing the talking, there are others.

I don’t know. I do know that when Bob Clarke was Bobby Clarke the captain, he would go around and pull guys to the side and confront them in private and motivate them without going on in front of everyone else.

I don’t see Giruox having that kind of personality, either. There are other former captains here – Vinny Lecavalier, Kimmo Timonen and Mark Streit.

The point is, right now, the leadership group on this club leads MUCH to be desired. It has to get better.

Panaccio, March 20, 2014:

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Panaccio, last week:

When Lindros was accused of misdemeanor assault over spilled beer and such, he was a 19-year-old Flyer rookie.

Giroux is 26. Big age difference. It matters. And it looks bad. Giroux is the captain. Lindros wasn’t at the time. He took it court and won.

A conversation with Giroux needs to occur and the Flyers owe it to their fanbase to make a public statement saying such has occurred, so everyone moves on.

To Panaccio, anything a Flyers captain does, on or off the ice, speaks to his leadership skills.


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  1. How in the world does this tool even have a job? His grammar is terrible. Not to mention his 1st grade level 3 word sentences.

    1. panotch is canadian, isn’t he? explains a lot re grammar. i mean, english isn’t his first language.

    2. How the fuck do you know what Claude’s writing is like ? And wtf does that have to do with playing hockey? Dick

      1. not claude, you fucking drunk, panotch. shut the fuck up…the adults are talking now.

  2. A guy who drives around in a tiny Range Rover Evoque with PANATCH for a license plate can’t possibly be taken seriously.

    1. or wears a CSNPhilly logo golf shirt on the beach in Ocean City and also into the water to swim.

  3. Guy who cut n paste’s other’s reporting work to provide 95% of his income takes issue with guy who writes actual columns every day and who’s emotions have rolled with the team.

    Got it.

        1. Dude, you fucking hitting that shit? What’s his mom look like. Bet she’s fucking hot as shit, as like 96% of moms are. Total MILF action, yo. Make sure you blow in her next time for the crossing broad boys. God damn, you are fucking smooth banging moms all the time.

      1. He lives at home with…….YOUR MOM. BOOM… Fucking hammer dropped.

        /I am so alone

  4. “Panaccio, a world-class Giroux antagonizer, is acting like Giroux keeps getting caught up in gang shootings every time he dares to enter Ottawa.”

    Cclaude Giroux

  5. Also lost in the actual madness of what Panaccio is saying is the fact that each of those clips of his articles contains some sort of typographical error. It’s as if the dude dropped out of 3rd grade. It was even worse when he worked at the Inquirer. I just sort of always assumed that knowing how to write is probably the top qualification for being a writer. His continued employment is pretty embarrassing.

  6. Annnnnnnnnnnd the world continues to laugh at you. This is your captain. Hardly shocking, for a team that has done anything since the black and white era.

    Oh, and it was fun beating the life out of your joke of a baseball team.

    1. Do you have sports related tats? Would you name your kids after a pro athlete? Is your life really that shallow that you have to troll a philly sports blog?

      I’m thinking that you might be like 17, in which case I get it.

  7. At least our captain didn’t suffer god knows what kind of abuse living in the basement of a suspected pedophile for a few years while he was being pimped out on the ice.

    What really went on in Mario’s basement? I’m sure it wasn’t hockey-pucks-into-the-dryer action.

  8. Haven’t seen this guy so excited since he found those pictures of Wheels in a Speedo.

  9. 1,2,3,4,5,6, that’s right jake, 6 straight dicks Kyle takes to the face.

    Kyles first day back and he’s on a flyers beat writer for not copying and pasting his articles like his yuppie Villanova bitch as does. Hey Kyle how many athletes from Philadelphia do you know or get to interview in person after games. Have you ever been in a locker room to due post game interviews, if these guys are such jokes and have real jobs what does that say about you nova boy.

  10. What do you mean swallow his kids?

    This new-school lingo is so annoying.


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