Video: Man Hears for the First Time

If you listened to Ruben Amaro on the WIP Morning Show and that just wasn’t enough comedy for you, check out the sketch above from Deer Prom (John McKeever and Tommy Pope, formerly of Samesies and Don‘t Let Your Girl Get Burrelled). In it, a man who was deaf for life hears for the first time and immediately has mixed emotions about being able to hear.

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19 Responses

  1. I can see posting this if it revolved around hearing Snider or Amaro talk but other than that why not just post all kinds of random comedic shit no one comes to this site to see? Jim you fail at life. Weigh your skinny jeans down with your Mumford & Sons live bootleg tape collection and jump off a bridge.

  2. loving the comments today

    jim you suck, next up a post about your spaghetti sauce recipe from last night with a stupid long ass headline

  3. Wow Brace was just talking about the Ruff Ryders and DMX. Que the wigger remarks ha. Wtf.

    Where’s Harry!!!!!!

    1. Harry’s on vacation and is back tomorrow. How Brace continues to recieve compensation for what he does at that radio station is beyond comprehension.

  4. You all bitch and moan about Kyle and Jim. Yet you come here everyday with your pathetic posts. If you don’t like it, start your own blog. It’s that easy.

    1. You’re wrong. What we like is making ignorant comments to amuse ourselves, you cumstained taintmunching sack of dumpster fetuses.

    2. Actually I like Kyle.

      Jim, meh. I think he should chug bleach or eat steak knives. Not a big fan of neckbearded hipsters.

  5. What the fuck does this have to do with anything you fuckin worthless hipster piece of shit. Go write for Crossing Urban Outfitters you fucking dick.

    Fire his ass Kyle.

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