What, Are You Surprised Adam Wainwright Grooved a Couple of Pitches to Derek Jeter?

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From ESPN:

“I was going to give him a couple of pipe shots,” Wainwright said. “He deserved it. I didn’t know he was going to hit a double or I would have changed my mind. I thought he was going to hit something hard to the right side for a single or an out. I probably should have pitched him a little bit better.”

Chances are the negative fallout from the event will blow over relatively quickly. But this much is certain: Wainwright’s biggest claim to fame in New York will no longer be freezing Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran with a curveball in the ninth inning of Game 7 in the 2006 National League Championship Series.

Wainwright will undoubtedly be subjected to his share of criticism over the coming days. He’ll be accused of raining on Jeter’s parade, of cheapening the Captain’s moment and of undermining the integrity of the All-Star Game. He understands that better than anyone, which is why he spent the better part of 10 minutes after the game flogging himself for his bad judgment.

And now, the faux outrage because this time it counts. Apparently.

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I’m so baffled by all of this. Of course Adam Wainwright grooved a couple of pitches to Derek Jeter on Derek Jeter night, the night Derek Jeter’s name was mentioned 100 times during the broadcast (and mostly rightfully so, by the way). He stood behind the mound and APPLAUDED THE HITTER before the at-bat. The hitter congratulated the catcher and wished him well. What, did you expect Wainwright to throw a bow-tie and snap off a couple of breaking balls? Of course not! Here are my best fastballs. Hit ’em if you can. Pitchers have made careers out of doing that. Never mind the fact that it was the first inning of an All-Star Game where, typically, you try to throw a couple of strikes to kick off the meaningless exhibition. It doesn’t count. The last thing on the minds of 90% of the players last night was home-field advantage in the World Series, a nebulous prospect even for those on the best teams.

Wainwright made his comments to reporters during the game (because the game counts, obviously) and, thanks to 2014, this surreal moment was created, when Wainwright, sensing the unnecessary backlash, felt the need to apologize and claim it was a joke… also during the game:

“I don’t know. It’s a distraction, and I do not want to be a distraction. I want it to be all for Derek.”

Stop talking, Adam. Just stop talking. We get it. You’re an annoying boyfriend right now, over-apologizing for not meeting up with your girlfriend when you said you would, but your girlfriend didn’t even want you there because she doesn’t like you and she’s glad you didn’t show up and your over-apologizing is getting you even closer to the brink of dumptitude because it makes you seem like even less of a man than she already thinks you are. Just… let it go, man. Let. It. Go. You attacked the strike zone, against a legend, in the first inning of an All-Star Game. You shouldn’t have said anything, but you did, and we understand. We all get it, and those who don’t need to get more sun. You think Jeets cares? 1) He’s got a swimsuit model waiting for him:

Voila_Capture 2014-07-16_09-23-56_AM

And 2) this is  the perfect opportunity for a well-I’m-just-so-humbled-by-the-experience-so-I’ll-continue-to-be-my-classy-self moment*:

“If he grooved it, thank you. You still got to hit it. I appreciate it if that’s what he did. Thank you.”

No, really, THANK YOU. I got a hit, got to look good in front of the media again – and – I’m going home with my model girlfriend tonight. The joke is on literally everyone else right now. Yeah Jeets!

*Also, is it just me, or has Jeter taken on the soft tone that Hall of Fame-bound veterans and retired stars get once they realize they’re bigger than the game? It happens to a lot of guys– Peyton Manning, Larry Brown, Tim Duncan, Mariano Rivera. When speaking publicly, they start talking in gentler, almost melodic notes, as if they are trying to convey their deference to the moment at hand. I think it’s genuine, but I’m not sure. Jeter’s got it now. 

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51 Responses

  1. Too bad Cole Hamels didn’t start the All Star Game. He probably would have hit him and then admitted to it later.

    1. Laura sweety,the laundry needs washing,the dishes need cleaning,and the food needs cooking,now back to the kitchen,and leave the commenting on sports to the fellas.

      Thanks sweety and could you pay special attention to my undies because the skidmarks actually need to be scrubbed out by hand.

  2. Really! What a joke. Guy fixes the All-Star game so World Series is compromised!Yet we still ban Pete Rose? Are you serious. Baseball is now pro Wrestling.

    1. Heard halladay’s plane as been laying down chemtrails all over the city. Wake up SHEEPLE.

    2. Way to take that way too damn far. By throwing a couple of hittable pitches in the FIRST INNING to the FIRST BATTER, Wainwright fixes the whole game? That might be the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. To compare that to Pete Rose being banned is ridiculous. We are talking about a guy who was illegally betting (and for the record, I do feel like he should be reinstated) and a guy who threw a couple of easy pitches. That sort of thing happens all the time in baseball. Anybody would be out of their mind to think that it doesn’t.

      I am in no way a Yankees fan, but i still can respect Derek Jeter. He has played the game the right way for his entire career, and he is the type of player that you never hear anything bad about. To me, that is a true ball player and a class act of a man. Obviously, if it was towards the end of the game and it was a close game, and I would be in that position, I wouldn’t want to give up a hit. But to have a pitcher, who has never faced Jeter in his career and finally has the opportunity to do so in the first at-bat of an All Star Game, when it really doesn’t matter all that much to begin with, I would be honored to have somebody of his caliber get a hit off of me, and give him something easier to hit as a show of respect.

  3. Utley, Asshole. Report on Utley at the All-star game.

    What the hell. #BloggersArentFans

    1. He got a hit and Major League Baseball probably won’t supply the video to use. What else would you like to know? I liked his shoes.

      1. I love how you read Jeff Passan’s article on yahoo sports and regurgitate the same idea and sentiment. If he wrote an article bashing wainwright., that would probably show up here. Why dont you post your actual opinion on the matter?

      2. Who cares if there’s video. I’d rather you talk about Utley’s dumps than to mention 1 word about Jeter. I am a fan who treats other teams as enemies. Pretty sure i’m not the only one. We play them to beat them. When they beat us, they embarrass us. Screw Jeter. Screw Wainwright.

        Yeah, he got a hit.. Way to play down the contribution of your man-crush broh.

        First At-Bat. Hit a Double, RBI. Second At-Bat: Hit by pitch (something that the broadcasters didn’t elaborate on, given Utley’s pension for being hit) *Insert one of your lovely graphs here to elaborate. Utley pulled for pinch-runner, which ended up being a great move, due to Gordan’s speed and his dance into the plate. Show Utley in dugout happy as a clam, then mention your man-crush on him again. Yes, his hair looked beautiful.

        They were blue, right? The shoes? Yeah, we can agree on that. They weren’t bad.

  4. I’m surprised a man in a heterosexual marriage came up with that Ottawa Police shirt. Elton John being spitroasted on rotation by the male cast of Glee is slightly less gay than that thing.

  5. I agree that no one should be surprised that he grooved a couple of pitches to Jeter. I’m skeptical, but I really hope this starts a debate over how absurd it is that this game determines who has home field advantage in the World Series. It’s an effing exhibition. Keep it that way.

    1. The All-Star Game/World Series home-field advantage is by far the absolute worst rule in all of sports.

      1. That, and the fact that they allow fans to vote on these things in the first place.

  6. Great, we get to listen to an entire day of sports radio talk about Wainwright throwing lollipops to Jeter and whether that was right or wrong, as if there isn’t a more meaningless topic that has no effect on us whatsoever. From Mayes and Logo to Dumb and Dumber to Missanelli, all day long this is all you will hear about, as if anyone actually cares.

    1. Who the hell listens to sports talk radio all day long? Who has that kind of free time?

  7. Kind of a joke by MLB not mentioning tony Gwynn, Sr at the all star game.
    Btw jeter is looking old. Put some sunscreen on brah

  8. CB’s been up and down for me lately. I loved the pic of Molly Sullivan yesterday though.

    The comments and the site in general are at their best when discussing local media members – for me especially sports radio. Any insight on what is going to happen on 97.5? There’s no way that they will continue with the Marks/Mayes and Brace/Kayal afternoons. I wonder if the station may be shutting its doors to the local market permanently soon. Those are 2 terrible shows, they should just get the ESPN syndicated crap and let Mike Miss move over to WIP to replace “The Fellas in the Afternoon”.

  9. if he’s a future hall of famer.. he should be able to get a hit without having it served up to him.

    1. Fucktard, even like half the hitters in the Hall of Fame are at or under .300, and that’s against every pitcher, not the best ones in the game at the ASG. 1/3 or less chance he gets a hit on his own, even if he was Tony Gwynn or Ty Cobb. Fuck you, fucktard.

  10. It’s Mayes/Kayal and Marks/Brace.

    No way they turn to syndicated radio in the afternoon,and there’s no way in hell Mikey Miss returns to WIP.

    And on the flipside Mikey Miss is the one who I can’t stomach anymore

    Dude is caught up in his own hype,and has become a caricature of himself.


    1. Since I don’t give a fuck about Jeter, The All Star Game, Selig or George Will (great stories to star the day there KS), let’s talk about the sorry state of sports talk radio in a top 6 market.

      -Big Daddy Graham vs. syndicated ESPN Radio: Glad I am sleeping. Graham flat out sucks ass. Not only doesn’t he know anything about sports, this supposed comedian isn’t the least bit funny. Winner: sleep.

      -Cataldi and his rip off of a sports Morning Zoo vs. Mike and Mike: WIP Morning Show is completely unlistenable. Mike and Mike are actually worse. Winner: Preston and Steve

      Mike and Ike vs. Mayes and Kayal: Mike and Ike would be the worst radio pairing ever since Missanelli and Eskin way back when, if it wasn’t for Marks and Brace. Mayes and Kayal are hit or miss, but will probably only be temporary. Winner: Anything would be better that Mike and Ike, so…

      Marks and Brace are their own special kind of awful. Marks is passable now and again. Brace is the worst host I have ever heard. His lack of sports knowledge rivals Graham’s, and his presentation is truly awful.

      Gragano and Ellis vs. Mike Missanelli: If Brace is the worst in the market, Gargano rivals Reese for 2nd worst. Mumble mouth fuck. Missanelli is turning into Eskin with the way he treats callers who dare to disagree with him. I don’t mind the extra stuff (FO64’s, General Knowledge Wednesday), but is is turning into more of an asshole as the weeks go by. Winner: Miss, but not by much. p.s. no shot that he ever goes back to WIP.

      After 6 on both stations: Who the hell listens at night??

      Guessing when Cataldi and Cunt go, Bruno gets AM drive on IP, and eventually, 97.5 goes local in the morning.

      1. Don’t forget that self-important knob Joe Decamera and his lame one-hour show on 97.5. What a windbag. He isn’t qualified to carry Rob Charry’s shine box. And that is saying something.

      2. Well done! Although I like the Lombardo and Stazak show and think they are really good together.

        1. Lombardo and Stazak are OK, but not sure about 5 days a week.

          Josh Innes is trying to be Kidd Chris or Stern Lite in a sports vain.

      3. Brace had the balls today to rip some other broadcasters….dude shouldn’t even get a sniff of a radio job in Scranton, let alone Philly.

      4. Two years ago 97.5 was the shit – great shows throughout the day.
        Two years later and the station is horrible with their so-called marquee guy at 2pm-6pm being the worst. Guy is so caught up in himself that he doesn’t give a rats ass what Jason has to share and he sure as hell doesn’t care about his listeners. This pompous ass simply needs to go away.

  11. Of course he threw him some BP. It’s a first ballot hall of fame legend at his last all-star game. Anyone would’ve. Should he have kept his mouth shut about it? Sure, but who really cares?

  12. I agree with Dan Patrick that the Jeets celebration should have come with a lineup of his ex-girlfriends as announced by Joe Buck. That would have been the best thing ever.

  13. Watching the game last night, I actually said as Jeter was coming to bat that I hope Wainwright groves one so Jeter can get a hit. The ASG is for the fans and as a fan of baseball, I wanted to see Jeter get on base. It would have been even better if Cutch had slowed up a little down the line in the top of the first, but I don’t blame the guy…what a player he is.

    Also, Erin Andrews has to go. She’s going to be so obnoxious with Buck & Aikman this fall.

    1. Agreed on Erin Andrews. She’s not even hot…I never understood her hype. She’s like six deuce and looks like a bird.

        1. Realist your question in this context makes absolutely no sense.

          In attempt to answer your question, I will simply say no. No it would not.

          Fucking amateurs.

  14. what number is higher for jeter? games played, or hot sluts nailed? my moneys on the sluts.

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