You Can Vote for the Iron Pigs’ Hambone as the International League’s Best Mascot


The Iron Pigs, you may not know, actually have a couple of mascots who run in the so-called Great Pork Race. They are are hotdog (Diggity), a piece of bacon (Chris P. Bacon), and a baked ham (Hambone). Hambone hardly ever wins the race, but he’s in the running for the International League’s best mascot.

The voting is being done over here, and you’ll immediately notice a few things:

1. Hambone is a little terrifying
2. Every other mascot (except one) is basically some kind of animal with a jersey and hat
3. That one without a jersey wears a blazer with no shirt underneath, and I can’t support that

So vote Hambone, because his team has a better win percentage than the Phillies, but just barely. Also, I cannot stress how much I do not stand for wearing no shirt under a blazer. Get your shit together, Lou Seal. Nice name though.


6 Responses

  1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Come on Jim you can do better than this slop you call news.

  2. SCOOCH should be our mascot. Looks exactly like someone you would see riding on SEPTA.

  3. Hambone looks like a chicks cooter sumpthin. That said, I bet that fag Pat Burrell’s dick would still want to jump on it.

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