Your Morning Carts: I Got Married In This Casual Shirt and Then Took My Bride to Kix McNutley’s Edition!

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Wow, that escalated quickly! From engagement to nuptials to KIX in a matter of weeks. The two-time Stanley Cup champ hath COME BACK to Sea Isle, just days after tying the knot. The Cup is in town this week and so is Carts. Let’s get this party started!

Here we find the Carts in the most unlikeliest of habitats – the wedding altar! – rocking a too-cool-for-school crisp white and a beard that says I saw Ryan Gosling do this once and it created a meme, so here goes nothing! Meme, created:

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Personally, I prefer more traditional wedding attire. But this’ll do. And when you’re a gold medalist slash two-time Cup champ, the rules really don’t apply anyway.

The wedding was somewhere in Canada, and these pics are floating around Twitter (one is from a friend of the couple who was in attendance). Carter’s now wife, Megan, has either changed or deleted her Twitter account.

So, where to for the honeymoon? We’re not sure. But Jeff wasted no time in kicking of the celebration, in a decidedly familiar locale– Sea Isle. AT KIX MCNUTLEY’S!

Voila_Capture 2014-07-14_12-54-48_PM Voila_Capture 2014-07-14_01-01-14_PM

Hashtag ROMANCE. I am so irrationally excited for all of this. Congrats to the fellow newlyweds!

The Cup cometh Thursday.


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  1. Kyle, you and the 5 troll commenters on this site that post under multiple names are the only ones who still give a shit about Jeff Carter. No one else cares.

  2. Jesus Christ- has your wife given you blue balls so much as to jerk off to Carter for the past week?

  3. KS, you know Carter would still bang your new wife in a second if given the chance.

  4. Okay, someone needs to immediately photoshop Kyle’s face over Carter’s wife’s.

  5. So his girlfriend is from Newport, PA, just south of State College. She went to Ship. Loved the meat. She was friends with my friends from Temple. For a Temple-PSU football game, she crashed in the same bed as me. Those bubs are real….. REAL EXPENSIVE! #amirite

    Anyway, anyone else notice that on that Instagram account, Erin Andrews is the first commenter. How does a sports blogger not spot this. Slacker. Andrews is dating Jarret Stoll of the Kings.

    1. The Instargram account that this picture is linked to is the account of Richie’s girlfriend – Lindsay MacDonald.

  6. Meanwhile, our captain was propositioning men of authority into letting him suck their cock.

  7. I miss the summer days when carter would be driving there with random whores in his jeep

  8. There are some older pictures of her floating around the web. Those tits are definitely fake. She’s a hot piece of tail, though.

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