Am I the Only One Who Thinks the Mark Sanchez Trade Rumors Are Dumb?

pic via (_Happy_Gilmore)
pic via (_Happy_Gilmore)

OK, so Sam Bradford is out for the year and the Rams need a quarterback. Mark Sanchez is a quarterback. RUMORS.


One logical candidate for a trade is Philadelphia Eagles backup Mark Sanchez, whom offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer worked with in New York.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reports that the Rams have some interest in Sanchez, per a source informed of the situation. But the Eagles have been more than pleased with the former Jets quarterback this year and would have to be blown away to trade him. And the Rams chose to sign Hill over Sanchez in the offseason. The Rams will remain “open minded” according to Rapoport and see who calls.

One little problem that throws a wrench in this rumor: THE EAGLES. By all accounts, Chip Kelly is sort of ENAMORED with Mark Sanchez. Why? I don’t know. I think Sanchez stinks (as a starter), but he may be one of the best backups in the league. And when you consider that Matt Barkley is, um, well he’s not very good, then there would be almost no reason for the Eagles to trade Sanchez, especially since there is still some doubt surrounding Nick Foles.

USA Today reported that Sanchez does NOT want to be traded, because of course he doesn’t! Les Bowen mentioned that report just before refueling trade speculation:

But this will come up again, undoubtedly. Sanchez is a 27-year-old quarterback with 62 NFL starts, who completed 25 of 31 passes this preseason, for 281 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. And while the Eagles really like the idea of having Sanchez around should anything happen to Foles, it isn’t like they drafted Sanchez, or anything. They aren’t wed to the guy.

I’m so confused. Sanchez comes here, does great job in training camp, appears to be a rejuvenated backup slash safety valve, but beause another team lost its quarterback, we have silly trade rumors. I’d be shocked -SHOCKED – if the Eagles traded Sanchez, if only because I can’t find a reason why they’d want to.

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14 Responses

  1. Nick Kayal legitimately spent 10 minutes convincing why Mark Sanchez for Michael Sam straight up is a good idea on 97.5 today.

    1. Because Kyle didn’t make it, he stole it from someone who made it a while ago. But lets rip ESPN for stealing tweets breaking news about Marlon Byrd. No irony there

  2. “Chip Kelly didn’t draft him” is the exact same rationale the beat writers (and talk radio hosts!) were using not even 6 months ago to justify an argument for why the Eagles could/would/should/might trade Nick Foles to Houston for the 1st overall pick.

    Jesus fucking christ the sports media here is lazy

  3. Trade rumors? There’s a better chance of Sanchez becoming the quarter back for this team. You see the way Mark and Chip have been carrying on together on the side of the field? Quarterback controversy? Anyone?

  4. It would take legatron and at least a 3-4th round pick to take Sanchez or 2nd round pick and I could live without the safety net for a season.

    Not a single person on this website can convince me that Chip actually thinks the Eagles are a super bowl caliber team this year. Plus Mark will be gone next year anyway.

    If a ridiculous offer is dangled out there, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles took it. I think they would jump at any chance to give them a draft pick to make them formidable next year.

  5. Trade Foles…he’s soft. I’m fully informed and not bitchy just because he didn’t agree to be interviewed.

  6. Trade Sanchez for anybody who can catch. Get on it Chip.

    Seriously, does anyone think if Foles goes down that Sanchez will be the Eagles savior? LMAO!! If Foles goes down, forget it.

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