Roy Halladay Goes to the Zoo with Zoo With Roy

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Four and a half years later, a dream comes true. ZWR explains how it all came about (set up by Phillies PR– best thing they’ve done in a while).


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    1. oh yeah. and when zwr tries to sell me a shirt, it doesnt piss me off. maybe because hes not a jerkoff.

      1. Yeah, but most of ZWR’s shirts suck, so… there’s that.

        However, I’m a huge fan of the bolg and am really enjoying watching Halladay’s retirement unfold so funner-ly on Twitter. The guy’s living the dream.

  1. Doc had that dawg in him pitching, never knew he was so funny until I followed his hilarious twitter account. Mam I miss 2011 so bad though when doc was mowing them down

  2. Last game I was at, a couple weeks ago, there was a fan at CBP with a Toronto Hat on + Toronto Halladay Jersey.

    The Phils were playing the Giants, mind you.

    I don’t want to pick on anyone regarding dress, etc. but I was just kinda unsure about this one. It was just really random.

  3. Wonder if Roy and Cliff Lee would be up for a crop dusting contest with us. We’re only gonna be around for a couple more months, so they better hurry up!

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