Chip Kelly Doesn’t Want to Run “A Million Plays,” Just Wants Points

There's probably a very practical reason why he's licking this mic
There’s probably a very practical reason why he’s licking this mic

As we inch closer and closer to Week One of the 2014 NFL season, the last of the season preview writings are rolling out. And in the midst of all the speculation and prediction, there’s this well-written piece on the surge of up-tempo offensive schemes by Tim McManus. It’s a precursor for the canned commentary you’re going to hear from anyone with a tie and a headset mic in a booth this year, but McManus lays it out from the POV of the tired defense:

When Tony Dungy was with the Bucs, he did an extensive study on how his Tampa 2 defense was impacted by the amount of snaps it faced. What he found is that his unit’s ability to do their job dipped significantly once they hit a specific number.

“There’s a certain breaking point in any defense. The breaking point is over 65 plays,” said Herm Edwards, who was an assistant under Dungy in Tampa from 1996-2000. “For any defense. You don’t want to get into those numbers.”

The Eagles climb into those numbers routinely. Davis’ unit faced the most snaps in the NFL last season at 1,150. That’s an average of 72 per game.

“That’s not good,” said Edwards. “You don’t want that. When we were at Tampa – now, we played a different type of offense, obviously – we never got to 1,000. We were about 850. We never wanted to get into the 60s and the 65s. If we got to 70, we were in trouble because we were worn down because we weren’t a big defense. We were a fast, penetrating defense.”

But that’s not all roses and positivity for the Birds, as we saw in the Patriots game when the defense spent a majority of the first quarter on the field. Cary Williams told McManus, “It’s not easy already to defend in this league. It’s not easy to necessarily to be a defenseman [opposite] this type of offense … You can be out there for a nine-play drive and create a turnover and the next thing you know, 45 seconds to a minute [later], you’re right back out there. It’s hard. But I think we’ve got the guys in this room to get the job done.”

But speed isn’t the true goal, says McManus, who pointed out that the Eagles were 13th in the league in offensive plays per game last season, but second in points per minute, while being “the clear leaders in points per minute differential, which takes into account how their opposition fares in that department against them.” Chip Kelly said, “The perception that we’re going to run 90 snaps a game, and that we want to run a million plays, has never been any part of our philosophical discussion.”

McManus really takes a look at the speed thing from all sides: Defensively, offensively, coaching, validity, and success rates. The whole piece is pretty essential, and you can read it all over here.

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6 Responses

  1. Top 5 QB’s in the NFL :

    1. Peyton Manning.
    2. Drew Brees.
    3. Tom Brady.
    4. Teddy Bridgewater.
    5. Matt Cassel.

  2. Jacksonville – Win
    @Indianapolis – loss
    Washington – loss
    @ San Francisco – loss
    St. Louis – Win
    NY Giants – Win
    @ Arizona – loss
    @ Houston – win
    Carolina – loss
    @Green Bay – loss
    Tennessee – win
    @ Dallas – loss
    Seattle – loss
    Dallas – win
    @ Washington – loss
    NY Giants – loss

    6-10 and no playoffs for the vastly overrated Birds.

    1. You must be a typical Douche bag guy that grew up around philly and roots against the philly teams just to be a jerk off.

    2. “Drinking the [insert color] Kool Aid” has to be the most overused phrase going and it’s really starting to annoy me.

      If you think the Eagles are going 2-4 in the division, going 1-6 on the road, getting swept by RGKNEE and the redskins, or will have four multi-game losing streaks you are out of your mind. Somehow you have all of those happening.

    3. Baring any major injury to any of the Eagles top players (taking them out of +3 games), I don’t see them going under .500 this year. I think that is about all it will take to win the division, about 9 wins which the Eagles have a pretty good chance of doing.

      If you firmly believe this and are THAT adamant, go ahead and put some money on it and post the receipt. The vegas odds were at 8.5 wins this season and I wish I went ahead and just put money down right there.

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